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Posted by Tammy

I got inspired about 10 minutes before I was headed to bed last night! I have been dragging my feet on this mural swap because I've found it intimidating! I still have the work in progress that I
posted a couple weeks ago - no progress...

But, for whatever reason last night, I was inspired to create a totally different mural! I used a piece of paper (right) that I made with a Try It Tuesdays technique. It is watercolor paper covered with gesso and then acrylic paints, and rubber stamps dipped in gesso. I love the paper all alone without any altering! I had one piece cut specifically so I could make a mural of 4 pieces! I started swirling away and came up with a mural that I really love!

I used 4 words that I need to hear as do all artists! Dream, Create, Imagine, and Believe. Each word is on one of the 4 pieces. Scanned here, it is still in one piece, but since I have cut it into 4
ATCs (2.5 x 3.5 inches) Each one stands alone as a card, but put them together and you have the bigger picture! I also "painted" several fingers in the process and I can't get the sharpie paint off! So, my fingernails are more colorful than usual today! I used all sharpies on this one, including a silver paint sharpie!

I'm going to try and complete the one mural I have in progress before I mail these off for the swap! I'm sorely tempted to keep this mural - I really love it! Maybe I'll have to make another similar one to keep for inspiration! Categories: art_, atcs_

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