Creativity is scorched!

Posted by Tammy

Whew - I haven't been posting much lately. I can blame part of this on the heat. It has been H-O-T hot here in Colorado. Now, I'm not one for heat anyway, but days of 100+ in a row just does me in. I go from air conditioned office to air conditioned home and nothing much happens in between. And once at home, I'm too busy cooling off to accomplish much in the way of art or creating.

Another issue I'm having of late is an increase in the frequency of migraines. I've been dealing with these darn, horrible headaches for about 7 years and I'm tired of it!! The new thing is dealing with insurance to attempt to get the medicine that stops them! Insurance says I can only have SIX pills a month at the whopping cost of $10 each pill. Well, this would be fine if I only needed six a month, but at this point I'm needing WAYYYY more than that. That in itself is a bummer, but more than that - having insurance dictate my medical needs just gets me all riled up. I can't take the meds when I need to because I have to conserve them for a REALLY bad migraine - and not take them for just a sort of a migraine (as if there is such a thing!)

One other thing happening for me is the possibility of a move. Mike has been unhappy in his job for quite some time and it is only getting worse. So, we are seriously looking at the possibility of moving to the Pacific Northwest. Now, the one place I've always said I'd move if away from Colorado was there - and that was WAY before Mike! Then I meet this guy who loves it up there more than I do! So, even though I love my job here, I love Mike more, so I'm goin' with him if he does get a job up there. Not sure what I'll do for a job, but I'm not worried - I know I can find something. Anyone want to hire an independent webcrafter?! :)

SO - creativity hasn't disappeared, it just seems to be "hibernating" until cooler weather! I'll be back with inspired creations SOON I hope! Keep cool and drink lots of water!Categories: misc_

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