Girls weekend!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, this was actually not this past weekend but the one before. Things have been rather hectic and I didn't get this posted, but I think it's worth posting anyway. Better late than never!!

My closest friend, Andrea, and I spent a weekend up in Estes Park, CO. It is a gorgeous little tourist town about 45 miles from us. We both needed a fun weekend and we've been planning this for a long time. We were both really looking forward to it!

We rented a room in a lovely old hotel right near the river - called Brynwood on the River. I would definitely go there again. They also have cabins for rent. Very cute and kind of homey.

We shopped and shopped and then shopped some more. There are amazing shops in this town. Anything you want from touristy stuff, to jewelry, to Indian clothing. (Indian - dots not feathers - my favorite line in a movie ever... From Good Will Hunting)

I took along a gourmet assortment of snacks from Whole Foods - Boursin Cheese, a crusty loaf of bread, an array of olives, and some wonderful chocolate bars! We snacked and then shopped some more!!

The next day we had breakfast in a local dive. It was, as typical with dives, yummy! Then we went and had this photo taken. Andrea had wanted to do this and we had bunches of fun!! When we told the lady what we wanted to be she hollered to the costume people "an Indian and a Floozy..." Now, I didn't say I wanted to be a floozy... saloon girl is how I put it... but you decide... Floozy? Probably so! :) I've never done these photos before and I'm glad we did! They are a lot of fun!

After another round of shopping - in which I purchased way too much jewelry and Andrea bought all sorts of fun clothes, we headed home. A little poorer, but definitely happy! We fixed the problems of our world... planned things that may or may not happen, and had a wonderful girls weekend! Thanks for coming along with me Andrea!!!!

2 Opinions:

Ruth said...

Well my goodness Miss Kitty, don't you look purty all floozied up?

I know you had a blast with Andrea...so cool you had the opportunity and time to step back to another era.

You need to come visit some of our beautiful antebellum homes now Bed and Breakfasts. They treat you like royalty...and the frosted pewter goblets of mint juleps served to you on the veranda at sunset aint't to shabby either.

I'm so happy you got the chance to spend quality girl time with your dear friend..lucky gals...

Tammy said...

We had SOO much fun! I would love to come visit the south! I've only been to Texas - does that count? Doubt it!!

A mint julep sounds wonderful right about now in this crazy heat we're having in CO.

I am lucky to have a friend like Andrea! And I know it! She's a gem!