What Is Balance? (True Balance post)

Posted by Tammy

What is Balance? This is a tough question for me. I am finding as I start into reading True Balance by Sonia Choquette, that I am probably fairly unbalanced in many ways. (I think I knew this to begin with though...)

I know a lot about chakras, energy work, and keeping things in balance. This doesn't mean that I do it. I've learned a lot more since meeting Mike - he is a reiki master and has done quite a lot of reiki on/for me. He did a healing attunement in April, after which I didn't have migraines for 2 whole months! His attunement was on the same day that we attended a "
deeksha". This is also energy work - of a different nature than reiki. (I won't try to explain what deeksha is - please go to the website if you're interested. It is truly fascinating! I understand it to be energy that gets in and helps to "shake the mud" off and make things clearer.) It was a most powerful day - and the results (no headaches, and a feeling of more balance) were amazing.

I can see, and Mike can too, that my balance has "worn off", so-to-speak in the months since that eventful, energy-filled day. My headaches have returned - a big sign right there. And I feel less balanced, if I am being truthful with myself. Reading
True Balance couldn't come at a better time! Mike and I are also attending another deeksha this weekend (this time without the healing attunement first...) We will see what results come from this. If my migraines stop again, I will be totally convinced! And, we will find a way to have deeksha much more frequently!


I drew this "doodle" to start off this True Balance experience - to remind myself, I need to figure out what True Balance means for me, and what I need to do to have it!

I think in my eyes, what I need to balance is a happy medium between my creative self and my critical self. My critical self rears her ugly head entirely too often, knocking my creative self off-kilter. When my creative self is off, the rest of my life goes out-of-whack as well. I get cranky (just ask Mike!), I have headaches, I don't create, which in turn makes me crankier! It's a vicious cycle.

I know I have posted these before, but here are the very first drawings I did with my therapist that got me started on this realmeroad to my creativity! One is my creative self, the other is my critical... fairly obvious which is which! There professionalwas NO balance before these and lots of art work that I did subsequently. Now I have to remind myself, I AM creative, and I have to not allow that critical me to take over, which she is prone to do!

Whew - that is it for today... as you can probably tell, this book is getting me a little fired up - which is a VERY good thing! I think Sonia would be proud that her book charges people up!

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melba said...

Your excitement is getting me all fired up too!

I so beleive we have the power to heal ourselves and that pain is really our teacher. But it is such a difficult lesson to learn!!!
I hope your headaches go away for good But I also hope you find out what your body is trying to tell you.

firstborn said...

hi tammy!

i like your thoughts here! i haven't finished the 1st chapter yet, because everytime i start to read a line of a page, the words start to blur & then before i know it, the book is on the floor & it's time to go to work already! well, hopefully after the holiday, i won't have to worry about the fall-asleep-while-trying-to-read-a-page for much longer, lol!

anywhoo, glad that you got your freebie my dear! & it just occured to me, i've got to add you to my links!

:) mary ann xx

Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,
I enjoyed reading this post. Your approach to the question revealed the warp of my own vision. I immediately started thinking (THINKING!) about how to balance out what I DO. Very managerial. Very disembodied. So when I read yours I remembered what I already knew: that it all starts in the body. I admire your devotion to Reiki. I hope you keep articulating your thoughts over the next weeks.

MARYBETH said...

i am home from 3 weeks of loving my grandbaby. It is interesting timing to find your post here on REIKI and Healing as I am again exploring massage schools.
Tha Yoga breathing can assist me fairly quickly to returning to a state of balance-even when I find myself losing ground . My MANTRA is "I can seek Peace instead of this."
As in all things it is much easier said then done, but with faith filled practice the shift occurs.
I am smiling over your sharing you are reading 3 vooks at once. I always have a small library next to my bed. Each time I clean it all up and promise "NO MORE PILES"-lo and behold another one returns =)

GreenishLady said...

Hi, Tammy, So good to see your post. I think you have really got the truth of it there - that our balance "wears off" and needs to be renewed, in a sense. We need to be continually returning to Centre, I think, and need ways to bring us back there - be it Reiki, meditation, whatever. I did level 1 Reiki a few years ago, and have been thinking about going for level 2 soon. You've sent me a reminder!

Sacred Suzie said...

It seems to be more acceptable to be the rigid, pratical-minded citizen and to delve into our creative selves is not, for whatever reason.

I'm glad that being creative helps you achieve your balance! That's a beautiful thing.

I'm part of the True Balance project BTW, nice to meet you!