Unparalleled Lines ATC Sharpie Swap

Posted by Tammy

I joined this swap because I thought it would be fun - and I was right!! It is Sharpies, of course! The "rules" were pretty loose - however you interpreted Lines.

stainedglassNow, mine came out very differently from what I expected! I usually don't draw in straight lines. Everything I do comes out swirly, spirally, swishy. showercurtainBut all of these are straight (unparallel) lines! :) It was fun to work on and I really like the outcome!!

The first one I did is called Stained Glass Lines (left), for obvious reasons. It was just a doodle that I played with and had fun filling it all in. It turned out to be quite pretty (in my opinion anyway!)

The next one is called Pinky's Shower Curtain (right) (my Sharpie Scout Nickname is Scout Pinky) and my friend told me this looked like my shower curtain - which it does!
Next, I tried making a plaid card! What better LINES than plaid! I used Anderson Plaid to make this card (left). My mom's maiden name is Anderson! I'm not sure I like this one all that well, but it was fun and it certainly fits the "assignment".
For the next two, I kind of used Mondrian as a source of inspiration! I love the simplicity of his work. These were very fun to play with. It was hardest to know when to stop adding color!!

The first one is called Mission: Lines. (right) and the last one is called Square Dance. (centered below)

This was a fun swap. I will be excited to see what returns I get from other Sharpie Scouts!!


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