Booking Through Thursday

But, enough about books. . . what else do you read?? Magazines? Newspapers? Professional journals? Cereal boxes? Phone books? Purchase invoices? Homework?(Please be specific. There may be a test later.)

A Test!!?!? Yikes! :) I thought I was done with tests when I graduated! Seriously though - I read everything! I subscribe to WAY too many magazines, including:

Cooking Light
Bon Appetit (a present from my best friend's daughter!)
Vanity Fair

I LOVE catalogs - Pyramid Collection, Hammacher Schlemmer, Anthropologie, you name it, I read it! (and cut it up for collages!)

I don't take any newspapers and never have. I read my news online. I visit several news spots daily including Witchvox, The Huffington Post, and occasionally for the latest star "news".

I am addicted to reading blogs. This is what I really enjoy reading other than books. I have a list of about 20-25 that I take a look at almost daily, and probably 6 or so that I read "religiously". I love reading what other people write about - themselves, their interests, lives other than mine... maybe that is voyeuristic of me, but I like it! I feel like I know some of my favorite bloggers simply because I read about them daily. I hope that some of you out there like my blog the way I like yours!!

I aspire to be like my favorite bloggers - open, honest and totally out there for people like me to read and be a part of your lives in a way!

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BlueJude said...

I am a TOTAL magazine junkie! And so are my kids and hub so we have very diverse selection here. Which could actually come in handy for some experimental collaging I want to do!
No tests please!