Finished Project!!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, this is certainly an art project of immense proportions. I am a webcrafter for a small business called World by the Tail. I worked most of last year re-designing the website, making it over. We posted this new version of the site in January.

One of the owners wasn't totally pleased with the site we posted, so it was decided that I would re-design again. I've been working since January on totally re-vamping the site. I love the design work, so I can't complain! It was a huge undertaking - the site looks nothing like what it did!!

Well, I finished this project on Friday... the new and improved (hopefully) site is posted! Whoo-Hoo!!! I actually really like this one (I liked the previous version too)!

This one was actually more fun to design. I did a lot more graphic creation for this one. I even figured out a few fun tricks that I didn't know previously. If you go take a look, I'd love to hear feedback!! Leave me a comment here or email me!! I know we will be adding and changing pieces of this site, but hopefully, I won't have to do a major re-design again for a while! I need some time off now!! :) Go visit - www.petpeoplehelp.com!!

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Tanaya said...

Wow, Tammy. You did a great job. I know how taxing RE-designs can be. It is good to know that YOU like it too.