Weekly Doodle - Sharpies on Canvas

Posted by Tammy

Well, I'm officially obsessed with doodling these days! I haven't done much else!

canvas3I bought these mini canvases on my birthday (3" x 4") and decided to try out sharpie-izing one of them! I did my continuous line with the finest black tip and then proceeded to colorize!

There truly is something therapeutic about doodling. There is no rhyme or reason to what I draw. There are no rules to be followed (or broken). AND I don't have a specific outcome in mind. All of these things make a very calming experience. And I enjoy the outcome because I don't have set expectations!

I think this process has been very hard on my poor Sharpies. Good thing I have a brand new package waiting in the wings to replace any that are used up!

I tried to scan this so you can see the depth of the canvas. I ran my line down each side of the canvas as well. I think I'm keeping this one for myself. Most of what I create lately is for specific swaps so I don't get to keep my art. But, this one was just for fun and it's mine! I have it on my bulletin board in my office currently. I may make a series of these little minis. Very fun stuff!!!

3 Opinions:

Ruth said...

If you gesso and sand the canvas first...it won't drink so much ink or bloom the tips.

This piece is darlin',darlin'...very cool indeed!

MARYBETH said...

Love the colors shaps textures composition-I think this would make a wonderful fabric!
Good to see your creating!

liz elayne said...

ok these are so cute! i love the bright colors and doodling on canvas is a fantastic idea!