More Art!! 20-22

Posted by Tammy

YAY! I am staying on track and creating every day so far!! I'm up to 22 out of 90. Not bad!

I watched the Broncos game last night, and created while I watched. I had to go to bed before it ended, so I was happy to see that they BEAT the previously undefeated Ravens!! Yay! (Yes, I am a Broncos fan... I'm a native Coloradoan - it would be sacrilege to be anything but!)
Number 21 (left) is for the Bookmark Swap - my final one of three. (they are going in the mail today!) I realized when I finished that it was similar to the first bookmark I did, but I like it, so hopefully whoever gets it in swap will too! I'm big on the curlicues lately! :)

The next one is my first one for the Halloween/Dia de los muertes swap (I hope I got the Spanish right)... I like how it turned out! Number 22 (right) - my Halloween Tree. I have a little flag stand in my yard that I put up holiday flags on - I wish I had this as a flag!! :) I haven't dug out my Halloween one yet - I need to do that before my chance passes!

And Number 23 - Unbalanced Libra - I was just doodling - trying out the whole monochromatic thing again. I like the design of this one, but I really didn't get it centered - therefore the title! But, I like it anyway! Guess I should try a different monochromatic scheme - I've used the same purple twice now! Any ideas for me for themes?? I'm running out of ideas - at least for today!! I'm sure I'll come up with something!

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Potato Print said...

hi Tammy,
The bookmark is beautiful. I sat for a while and tried to think of themes, but I'm not in the groove.

Sharpies themselves
egg shape
star of David

melba said...

Good for you! keep up the creativity!!!

A while back I posted on Mixed Media Memoirs how everyone has a symbolic language. Maybe think of the symbols that represent you and then repeat them in different patterns and colors.

Ruth said...

Tammy these are great..love your tree especially...I'm a treehuggin' kinda gal. Try it sometimes...you'll feel a burst of energy when you let go...

Tammy said...

Thanks for the ideas!! I do have symbols that sort of "fit" me! I'll try to work on incorporating them on my next cards!! I haven't ever done clouds, fire, star of David, or much in the way of leaves - so I have some ideas to start from!!

I think I'll go hug a tree today - I need that energy!!

No new art last night, but it was a good night, nonetheless! I'll have a spurt of energy soon and get a whole bunch more done I'm sure!!