Productive weekend! Cards 10-19!

Posted by Tammy

I got TEN cards created over the weekend, which brings my total to 19!! (71 to go!) These cards are a mixed bag of styles - I was experimenting! :)

Card number 10 (left): Fall. It is most certainly fall here in Colorado. Today is supposed to be quite cold, with possible snow in the skies!!! This appears as brown and orange, but it's actually black. I had fun making the swirls - as always!

Card number 11 (right): My attempt at pointilism. This was a fun experiment - probably not something I'll do again as it was extremely time consuming! But I like this card too! :)

Card number 12 (left): Glass Birds. I love the stained glass look - the design is fun, and fairly simple, to create. Mike thought he saw birds in this one, so I called it Glass Birds. I love the bold colors!

Card number 13 (left): Fly Free - my dragonfly. This is actually a mix of Sharpies and Staedtler pens on vellum. I love the blendability of the colors on the vellum. I do wind up with a lot of color on my hands though!

Card 14 (right): Hearts - on vellum. Same pen combo. This is a celtic knot idea - continuous line. I went over the top with the light blue and grey - it smudged the hearts a bit, but I kind of like the effect anyway.

Card 15 (left): Insanity.

This one is kind of crazy! It took forever because I used so many different doodlings. It turned out kind of cool - not my favorite.

Card 16 (right): Pink Glass. This one was FUN! I love the brilliance of the colors and the strong design. I would consider making a similar one in a large size of this pattern!

Card 17 (left): Interwoven. This was going to be an interlocking Celtic knot, but it just didn't cooperate with me - so it became hearts instead! I actually like how it turned out even though it wasn't what I set out to do!

Card 18 (right): Henna designs!! I wasn't too happy with the way this one turned out - not my favorite... I need practice making these intricate designs I guess! It was still fun to create though - and I can see - it needs GLITTER!! :)

And, finally, Card 19 (left): Purple Henna designs - I LOVE this one! It turned out just as I wanted it to! I would get this tattooed on my hand any day! And all it needs is glitter! (which I will get added!)

So - 71 more to go - good thing the Broncos play tonight - I have a reason (like I need one!) to sit in front of the TV and make more cards!!! Yay! I'm feeling like I will get to my goal, no problem! Just need to keep the ideas flowin'! :)

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Potato Print said...

Good Lord Almighty. You've tripled your production. Can I get a witness? My favorites here are the red and the black. So elegant! and the pink stained glass. But I actually like the totality of them on the page. Lots of energy coming out here.

BlueJude said...


Tammy said...

I do put a lot of my own energy into my art! I'm glad that comes through!!

Thanks for all the positive support and comments!!! :)