A Weekend Post ... *gasp*

Posted by Tammy

I know I don't post very often on the weekends, but felt so inclined!

I'm hard at work on making more cards for the SAC challenge! I'm up to 13 completed and a 14th in progress! I'm thinking I'll get quite a few done tomorrow afternoon while I watch football! (Yes, I am a football fan - a Colorado native, so the Broncos are my team... they play Monday night!)

I don't have a scanner at home, so I won't have art to post until Monday! But, hopefully, I'll have LOTS!

The reason I decided to post today was because I received a negative comment yesterday (which I deleted) and it upset me. So, I wanted to vent about it.

I have music on my blog. I like it that way. There are a lot of things added to my blog that are just for me. The music is one of them. This random commenter (had never visited before to my knowledge) decided that I needed to be "nominated" for a blogging award or some such nonsense for Bloggers Against Music. Apparently, other bloggers don't care for music on blogs.

If you are such a blogger, and read my blog regularly, I apologize. If you are a random visitor, never here before, likely to never be here again - please keep your negativity to yourself. If you don't like my blog, or aspects of it... I guess I'd rather you didn't read it.

Funny enough, Melba made a comment on the same post about liking my music! Synchronicity!

To end on a positive note - I like the music - I will keep it until I decide I don't want to have it there. Visit if you like - enjoy the music, please comment, but negativity... not so welcome! :)

The current song is Trouble by Ray LaMontagne - one of my favorites! (the Cat Stevens version is great too!)

6 Opinions:

Tammy said...

I love your music and mine! It's our blog and we can sing if we want to! xxoo

Teena said...

I used to play Cat Stevens' greatest hits album (yep, I'm that old!) over and over and over. I loved it :) Nice tune.

Tanaya said...

I hope that you take this note in the sincere way that I mean it.

I don't like music on any websites. But you know what, as a USER, I have the ability to turn my speakers OFF!

Nothing against you and your blog. I visit regularly. I love your writings and your art. I believe that everyone can and should do exactly what feels good and right to them.

So gosh darnit, if you want music here, play your funky music, white girl!!!!

If I don't like it, I'll turn down the volume. If I do like it, I'll PUMP UP THE VOLUME.

I'm sorry that someone'e negativity snuck into your world this weekend. Don't take it to heart, instead look back at all of the wonderful supportive comments that you have received over time. We love you, Tammy.

Tammy said...

Thank you all!! I love the music on your blog Tammy - and how you change it to fit what you've posted about!

Teena - thanks for visiting!! I think I need to buy some Cat Stevens now!! :)

Tanaya - Thank you!! I'm glad you visit even though you're not a fan of the music - I turn music off too if it isn't something I like, but what I do like is the option to do that! I will still visit a site even if I don't care for the music.

It's my prerogative (sp?) - maybe I should find that old 80's song and put it up!!! :)

melba said...

I can't believe that someone would comment negatively. Why? Why not just move on. I do believe people have the right to disagree and express their opinions even if they are different from my own. but some people are just mean!

I am glad you deleted their comment.

As I have said before I LOVE your music. I listen to your CDs (the first disc especially) over a dozen times. You picked such PERFECT somgs for me.

Gerd said...

Hi if you like music on your blog try www.sonific.com!