#8 and #9 cards!

Posted by Tammy

I made two cards last night (well, one is a bookmark... but it works!) I'm really having fun experimenting every night. I know I will get more done over weekends, so I'm not pushing too hard on the weeknights to create my "quota".

The Sharpie group are amazing artists - I'm always so inspired and motivated when I see others work! It's fun to have this challenge and to be pushing myself a bit to try new techniques, expand, and be imaginative!!

This first one (left) is the second bookmark (of 3) for the sharpie bookmark swap. I was just playing with color and different patterns. I like how it turned out - it's bold and a little strange! It is 3x9.

I particularly like the three sections with the curlicues in them. They were fun!

The next card I did was inspired by the ArtellaVision group. Each week (or couple of weeks) we have a Mojo Theme to get us creating. The new theme is Zodiac Art.

I am (obviously) a Libra. This is Sharpies (and Staedtler fine tip pens) on vellum. I borrowed the idea for the theme, but it's my art! I really love how this one turned out. It isn't for swap, so I think I'll actually keep it for myself!!

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Breigh said...
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krystin said...

Tammy.... can you help me?

I'm trying to update my blog w/ the current moon phases. But don't know where to paste the HTML.

Oooh, also trying to add a counter.

Can you e-mail me?

Thanks so much....

Gratefully yours,

Krystin in Vancouver

melba said...

I love the card with the butterfly. I actually have some time to sit and read blogs as both my children are napping and I finally got through All my emails. I will be posting later, but I am more in a reading mood.

I love that you have music on your site. I always forget to put CD's in when the TV is not on. But when I am done commenting here I will put your disc two in! I am hoping they will nap long even if that means they won't go to bed until midnight! I am enjoying my quiet time as Sean is working the late shift today.

hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

Tammy said...

Krystin - email on the way! :)

Melba - it's so funny that you commented about my music - the comment I removed on this very post was a negative post about my music from some random person. I removed it because it made me upset that they would take the time to be negative about a blog they don't have to visit again!

I like the music!! I've tried to change it out a bit, but it winds up being the same song for a while.

I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed) your quiet time! I can imagine with two small kiddos you don't find much time to yourself! Enjoy CD #2!!


Tammy said...

Being a Tammy and a Libra I LOVE IT!