Pshew!! Busy Weekend!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I'm still here - believe it or not!! But, we spent much of the weekend cleaning house and preparing for a guest. Mike's college friend, Paul, showed up on Sunday and plans to stay with us until Friday. He is a pleasant guest - only problem is the cats - they are a bit discombobulated with a new person in the house. I took yesterday off and we went up into the mountains near home (45 minute drive) to the Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center - home of the Great Stupa. It is truly amazing - this Buddhist retreat/temple exists in our very backyard. It is a wonderfully beautiful and peaceful place to visit. You can go inside the stupa and meditate, or circumambulate for some good karmic energy. It was a beautiful day - and good thing we went yesterday - today it is COLD and getting ready to snow (or rain)! I think Mike and Paul are going to do the brewery tours today! We have some amazing local beer and Paul is looking forward to sampling! (hopefully they'll bring some home for me!)

I wasn't slack over the weekend in creating either! I'm not fully halfway to my goal yet, but I'm getting close! I have 39 out of 90 completed of my Artist Trading Cards!! I'll make two posts so that you can see all of my creations!! I'm having fun, but boy, coming up with ideas for 90 cards isn't easy!! :) This first batch went in the mail on Sunday for a swap - Monochromatic theme! These are cards 23-28 (I think...) :)

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Anonymous said...

Gosh I'm scared to post...your blog is still downloading and I've got broadband. We'll see if I can post.

Anyway Tammy...(:<)...as always these are very very cool. I just can't imagine the patience it takes to do all those itty bitty twirls and doodly doos on those teensy weensy cards. Sooo I'll make them vicariously through you...if you don't mind.

Your trip this weekend sounds fabulous...you're so lucky to live so close to retreats like that.

ps...now your blog is asking for my password...so I'll go anon.

Tammy said...

Thanks Ruth! :) I'm glad you commented in spite of the difficulties - I know I've talked to some other blogging friends who have had some troubles lately (not with my blog per se, but blogger in general) I don't think the password thing is anything to worry about - I am asked to enter my password almost every time I comment on someone's blog (including my own!) But Anon is fine too! :)

The cards are fun, but sometimes the details take forever! I get into the minutia though - and love the really detailed ones. The size of the ATC (2.5" by 3.5") is good for me because it is finished relatively quickly and I can move on to something else (short attention span perhaps?!) This challenge is just that... challenging - ideas?!?!? are hard to come by!

Our trip to the Stupa was wonderful - I love living close to the mountains and the Buddhist center is just a bonus in that! :)

iHanna said...

wow, 90 ATC's that a big job, these looks very nice!

BlueJude said...

WOW your ideas are endless and wonderful!!