Cards 29-39!!!

Posted by Tammy

I meant to get these posted yesterday, but it just didn't happen!

These are cards 29-39 (I think!) This one is called Squoodly (right) and is for a swap called "Don't Fear the Sharpie". It is experimenting with sharpies you've never used before. This one I used the paint sharpies - gold, silver, and black. The metallics don't scan well.

This one is for a swap called "Sharpie and Friends" - using Sharpies plus other mediums. I called it Squiggle Land (left). I used Sharpies and Staedtler Triplus fineliners. It was a REALLY fun one to make - a bit time consuming. But I love the outcome!! I think it's one of my favorites so far!

This next one is for "Don't Fear the Sharpie" and I used Sharpie highlighters on vellum for it. Pastel Scape (right) It didn't scan well because you can see my writing on the back a bit. You can't see it at all in person. These wer fun to play with - I smudged them a lot - I had highlighter color all over my hands!

This one - MMMs (left) is for "Don't Fear the Sharpie" and I used the new Chisel tips on this one. I am NOT fond of how this one turned out at all. But, I'm sending it anyway since this was supposed to be an experiment swap! Mike thought it looked like M's - which is appropriate I suppose since my name has so many M's in it!

This next one is for the "Sharpie and Friends" Swap - I used oil pastels, colored pencil and Sharpies. It is simply "Landscapes" (right) I almost think it looks like a mask or something too.

Another for "Sharpie and Friends" done in highlighters - Untitled (left). Again, it didn't scan in as well as I'd like - the writing on back shows through - but I had so much fun playing with the highlighters! I will definitely use them in other pieces to add different tones and colors!

On the right is one for an Eye Swap. These are the Eyes of Buddha. Mike has a Batik similar to this hanging above our TV. I "eyed" it to get the look right! (tee-hee!) I really like the way this one turned out. It is quite dramatic (in my opinion) with the dark blue surrounding the bits of color!

And last, but certainly not least are five cards done for, what else? - A Halloween Swap! These were all really fun to do. My favorite is the Pumpkin stained glass - called Pumpkin under glass (top left). The candy corn made me think of my grandaddy! He always had candy corn around (and not just at Halloween). I may do a few more to send off for this swap! It was a fun one!
I have a few more cards to scan in that I did last night - I'm up to 42 now!! :) Pshew - moving right along!

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Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm just catching up with your postcard project. The Halloween ones are delightful. I love the one with Buddha's eyes. Do you feel your inspiration flowing more easily now with such massive output?

Tammy said...

Thank you! I like the halloween ones and the Buddha one too! I was pleased with how they all turned out!

I am doing pretty good with just flowing and doodling - not pressuring myself to come up with ideas first! My most recent (just posted 43-46) are totally random doodles! That's when I have the most fun! :)

Only 44 to go!