40, 41, and 42

Posted by Tammy

These are cards 40-42! I'm almost halfway done (and just past the halfway point in the month!) I'm feeling pretty good about hitting my goal of 90 cards!!

On the left is a card inspired by a fellow Sharpie scout and for an Eye Swap hosted by her! She does amazing things with lines and minimal color! I had a blast playing with this one - I called it simply "Eye Design". It is black sharpie smudged with oil pastels.

On the right is one I called "Smokey Eye" for the same swap. I'm not quite as happy with it, but I really do like the "smudginess" of it. My mistake with this one was attempting to put sharpie OVER the oil pastels instead of the other way round. Sharpies don't like oil pastels - the tips get all gummed up! Lesson learned!

On the left is one I called Starburst. It is Sharpies and Oil pastels for the "Sharpie and Friends" Swap. I drew the starburst pattern with fine tip sharpies and then smudged the oil pastes on top! I haven't used my beloved oil pastels in a LONG time and it was like visiting with an old friend last night. I love the feeling of them - the smudging and blending! I have missed using them and didn't even know it! Now that I've used them again, I'll be adding them to a lot of cards I think! Some of my favorite art I've done in the past was done with oil pastels (Crayola brand!! They are the smoothest in my opinion)

Having Mike's friend here this week has proved to be a good thing for me. I was able to be in the room with them, but continue to design my cards. And, Mike and I haven't been as caught up in our World of Warcraft time since he's visiting with Paul - it gave me some concentrated art time!! :) More to come - tomorrow - I hope!!

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BlueJude said...

I kind of like the second smudgy one!