Create a Connection - Photo Day - FIND

Posted by Tammy

Krista from the Silent K is hosting Photo Day at Create a Connection and the word for today is FIND. "Photography is about seeing the world around you differently. It is about finding and capturing the essence of your present surroundings. This actively connects you to where you are, and to your place in the world."

I thought about this one for much of the day. I had two things pop up that fit with the theme!

First - I found on my desk a packet of homemade Chai tea mix from my friend Nancy. I forgot that I had it at work, and it was the perfect afternoon for some Chai. Nancy's is the best. She and her son Nam have worked out the recipe down to a science. Perfect mix of tea, sweet, and Indian spices! It was a great find!

I wish I'd had my "goddess" mug with me - that would have made it just perfect, but it did the trick! :)

Then - when I was leaving work this evening, I FOUND that it was starting to snow. (again!)

Finding snow isn't hard to do around here - it is piled up everywhere. But, it is fun to see new, tiny snowflakes starting to accumulate! (even if you're sick of snow!)
I tried shooting this picture through my windshield. (don't worry - before I was moving!) It's a rather strange perspective but I kind of like it! If you look - you can see the tree I was aiming at in the darkness behind the snow!

9 Opinions:

nyjlm said...

The snow kind of looks like sun on the ocean- I like it!

And that chai looks really yummy- I can nearly smell it.

~jolene said...

I LOVE your photo of the snow and tree! You should frame it, very artistic!

BlueJude said...

Love the snow pic!! You could do lots with this in PS!!

Sacred Suzie said...

love snow pic too, gotta keep this short (hand) but wanted to say hi and thanks for support

holli said...

It's crazy weather here today - althought I NEVER drink hot drinks.. this could be one of those rare occassions.

So are you saying you love chai? Oh wait - you said homemade.

ceanandjen said...

I like your second photograph as well; it has a surreal quality to it! My, how you must have giggled over my reaction to the trace of snow that we received! It is all in what you are used to, though. It appears that Portland, in general, is not used to it, because they actually closed the schools yesterday, which many people thought was over-kill...myself included.

Oh, I hope that you enjoyed that yummy goodness that you found!


Tammy said...

Yes - I do love Chai - however, that said... I am quite picky! I don't like the watered-down americanized version of chai! I got used to the "real" Indian chai which is quite spicy and just plain yummy! My friend Nancy has a son from India - so she learned how to cook ethnic foods - and taught me! :)

It's funny when towns - such as Portland - who aren't used to snow get all panicked! Fort Collins - my town - goes the other direction - NEVER closes school. The blizzard right before Christmas? Nope - didn't close school until 2 p.m. and there was already a foot of snow on the ground with no sign of stopping! Sheesh!

Jamie said...

What great finds! I love it when the find is a treat :) And I love that you also found such an interesting perspective on snow!

Star said...

Two great finds. I love the picture of the snow--the indistinct quality allows your imagination to rule and come up with all sorts of possibilities. My initial impression was of a naked tree at night with hundreds of white lights.