Deb from Red Shoe Ramblings continues her guest blogging month at Create a Connection - Getting to Know You Day. Her questions for this week are:

Imagine you're going to organize a dinner party for yourself and seven guests. You can invite anyone who ever lived, whether they're world-famous or someone whose name only you would recognize. If you choose someone from the past, they will be magically alive and present for this one day. But here's the twist - in order for the magic to work, each chair will only hold a guest who fits into a certain category. Tell us who you would invite and, if you like, tell us a little about why. What do you admire about that person or what would you like to learn from him or her?

Dream Dinner Party

1. Guest one must be someone who is/was creative with words - a novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, journalist, etc. Who would you invite?

This is actually because I've been reading her books lately, but Diana Gabaldon. I would love to talk with her about her Outlander stories. They are really amazing, with well-developed characters and so much history. And I'd really like to know when book seven is coming out!

2. Guest two must be someone who is/was creative with images - a painter, photographer, sculptor, fabric artist, collage artist, etc. Who would you invite?

Georgia O'Keefe comes to mind for this slot. Her art is so provocative and recognized. I think she would be an interesting addition to this little dinner party!

3. Guest three must be someone who is/was a performer - an actor, singer, musician, comedian, acrobat, etc. Who would you invite?

This is a hard one to narrow down, but I think I'd pick Shirley MacLaine. I read her book The Camino last year. She is just an interesting, quirky woman who would contribute immensely to conversation at a dinner party! She was also in one of my favorite movies (also starring Audrey Hepburn) called The Children's Hour.

4. Guest four must be someone who is charting/charted new territory - either in the physical sense, like an explorer, adventurer, or astronaut, or someone like a groundbreaking scientist or inventor. Who would you invite?

I would invite Christa McAuliffe. I remember the Challenger disaster so well. My science teacher was so excited about the teacher going into space, and we were watching the telecast live. She was a brave woman to take such a risk.

5. Guest five must be someone who is/was a leader of other people - perhaps in the area of politics, like the literal leader of a country, or perhaps a leader in the area of religion, military, business, or even a great philosopher or teacher, or an inspiring athlete. Who would you invite?

I would invite Imelda Marcos. Besides being able to discuss shoes, she was an amazing woman who I know very little about.

6. Guest six must be someone from any field who you believe is/was underrated and under-appreciated by most people, but whom you admire. Who would you invite?

I would invite Lady Jane Grey - nine day queen. Her story is little known, but she played an important role in history. It would be interesting to hear about it from her own perspective. There is a great movie based on her story - Lady Jane - starring a very young Helena Bonham Carter.

7. Guest seven is a wild card - your choice! Is there someone you'd like to invite who didn't seem to quite fit into any category, or was there a category where you'd have really liked to invite two different people? Then this is your chance to add the person you missed to the table. Who would you invite?

I would have to include my best friend Andrea in this dinner party for sure!!

Bonus: Uh Oh! The dinner party is just about to end, and all your guests are about to disappear, and you realize that you've forgotten to ask one important question of one of your guests. You just barely have time to squeeze in that last question, so quick! - what was the question and who did you ask?

I would ask Christa - knowing the outcome of your adventure - would you still take the risk? Or given another opportunity, would you choose a different path?

11 Opinions:

Tammy said...

Great dinner party Tammy! I think Shirley would be fun and I saw "Lady Jane" but I can't remember it...darn!

Leah said...

i'm working on my answers right now and christa from the challenger also occured to me when i thought of explorer/adventurers.

sounds like a great dinner party!

Deb R said...

Your dinner party sounds great, Tammy, and that's an awesome final question. I'd love to know the answer to that one too!

Arty Lady's blog said...

Fantastic dinner party guests. The conversation would be so varied.

Vedrana M. said...

great dinner guests :)

Jana B said...

You know, Crista was one that I thought of too... I remember my kindergarten teacher being so excited about a teacher in space... and how she cried when we heard the news that the Challenger exploded. :o(

A lot of your other guests I've never heard of, so I'll have to look them up! :o)

Left-handed Trees... said...

This was such a great prompt--I loved your answers here! Georgia was a good choice too, I think...

holli said...

That last question was great.. if not bittersweet. I remember following the Challenger with my science class too. It still breaks my heart.

On a different note, I was going out for yet another try for the mug and looking at your profile for ideas. I think you're the first other blogger I've read who has listed Dead Can Dance. I love them - I saw them once in concert and they were AWESOME (and I hate that word!)

Tammy said...

So cool Holli!! Dead Can Dance is truly amazing! My BF Mike introduced me to them - we saw them at Radio City Music Hall last October in NYC!! What an unbelievable experience - I get goosebumps! Lisa's voice is just ... whoa! No words! ... maybe I'll have to see if I can put them on my blog music! :)

It is cool to hear that so many of you thought of Christa McAuliffe. I'm not sure where the idea came from - she just seemed a natural choice for that slot!

lila said...

You did a marvelous job coming up with the guest list and the good questions for Christa! You obviously have great Libra social skills!

holli said...

Oh I am sooooo jealous (not to take away from this post) that you got to see DCD on their reunion tour. I wanted to see them so bad - but there was never a good time/place.

Her voice is truly amazing - and their shows are pure art!

I'm so excited - Faith didn't go do the mug thing with me.. but I was finally motivated enough to put one of my designs on something! I just have to wait for it to be fired.