Chocolate Experience

Posted by Tammy

I just had to share this with you all!

I just had a "chocolate experience"! I was out shopping for my Mug for the Create a Connection mug swap over my lunch hour today. I went to the most wonderful store in my town - The Cupboard. It really is just a fantastical store - with dishes, coffee, tea, kitchen utensils from heaven, you get the idea! And Chocolate!

Well, I couldn't JUST buy a mug - I had to have some chocolate. I bought myself one, tiny piece. It was the Organic Dark Spicy Aztec Chocolate Square made by Lake Champlain Chocolates. Oh. My. Goodness........ I would gladly give up every other chocolate if I could eat this every day!!

55% Cocoa Content with cayenne, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon. Absolute chocolate heaven. Dark chocolate, with spiciness! Perfect combo!! (It reminded me of Vianne's hot chocolate from the movie, Chocolat)

Run, do not walk to buy yourself this treat! (I think you can find it in Whole Foods stores too!) It is a treat worthy of an entire blog post dedicated to it! :)

2 Opinions:

Jana B said...

The chocolate sounds HEAVENLY!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Chocolate...now there's a connection!

Cool blog. Can't wait to visit more!