Today's Create a Connection Getting to Know You is guest-hosted by Swamp Grrl! What a great set of interesting questions!!

Her instructions:

Answer the following questions by intuition ... whatever comes to you immediately. If you spend more than 2 seconds on the answer, leave it blank and move to the next question.

1. You run into a friend who has just chopped off all her long hair (or suddenly has an Afro). What do you say?

I would definitely say something rather than pretend not to notice. I tend to like change in hairstyles so I'm thinking I would probably like it. Even if I didn't, I would be supportive!

2. You walk by a well dressed man with manicured hands who smells like a gin martini. He asks you for money. What do you do?

I would smile and keep walking. I don't tend to carry cash even if I wanted to give it to someone. And I don't!

3. Your brother or sister or best friend falls madly in love with someone you think is a jerk. What do you do?

Hmmm... I've been in this situation. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is be supportive. If asked, I am honest. But, you can hurt a friendship by being too up front about how you feel about their significant other. They have to make choices. You can help by listening and supporting, but can't make their choices for them. Or make them see that they could have it better!

4. You get a terrible present from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you let it show?

Probably. I am not good at hiding my feelings... so, I'm guessing that even if I didn't want it to show, I couldn't help it.

5. Who's your favorite Beatle?

Well, John Lennon, of course!

6. You walk by a disheveled man wearing soiled & tattered clothes. He politely asks you for money. What do you do?

Same answer as the last one. I don't think I would discriminate based on how the man was dressed. I don't casually hand out money. I have been known to throw money into street performers buckets though. That I'll do!

7. Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis?

Definitely Skinny.

Good job!

Next, go find an outrageous picture of your Elvis on the net and post it at the bottom of your answers. Be sure to give credit to the photographer. (photo from {And... it took me longer to find my Elvis photo than to answer ALL of the questions!}

7 Opinions:

swampgrrl said...

great answers!
my intuition tells me that you are very kind, tammy.

love the quacky elvis!

Jamie said...

That Elvis is hilarious!

And me too on buskers and being supportive :)

Janet said...

ahhhhh, John...

JulieZS said...

I saw that quacky elvis at the spa store! It was too cute. I also spent more time on the elvis pic than the answers. Great answers!

holli said...

Amen to Mr. Lennon (of course) and the Elvis - HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

As for people asking for cash. I hate that!! Because I never carry cash either.

Arty Lady's blog said...

The photo is so cruel!!!!!! Yes, totally agree about John, what a waste of a life to be cut so short!

Cynthia said...

yeah, John Lennon of course!