My weekly theme (during February) at Create a Connection's Photo Thursday is Family.

I thought of this theme for several reasons. One - we just passed Valentine's Day... a day to honor the ones you love. And two - my mom just lost her younger brother. She is flying in to Colorado today for his funeral. It made me aware of my family with her loss.

I am the youngest of 8 siblings. All 7 of them are married, with children, and a lot of their children now have children! All total, with my parents and siblings, and children, there are 43 of us if we all get together (which is rare). I am an aunt times 13, and a great-aunt times 6 (soon to be 7). I am not very close to most of my family. I am MUCH younger than my siblings. They were out of the house by the time I was old enough to know and some of them had kids right after I came along. (My nephew is only 6 days younger than me.) This photo on the right includes seven of the eight of us. Vicki wasn't there to be in the photo. (From the top - Connie, Rhonda, Mary, Joe, me, John, and Tom)

My parents live in Desert Hot Springs during the winter and they come back to Colorado for about 2 months in the summer. Because my siblings are so much older, so are my folks. They are 72 and 73. They are busy and active though! All of my grandparents have passed away. Grandmother and Grandaddy, the ones I was close to passed away in 2001 within just 12 weeks of one another - they almost made it to 70 years of marriage. Mom and Daddy are in the photo on the left. Daddy is a singer - played country music for a long time and now sings gospel. (He named me for Tammy Wynette and Dale Evans.)

One other person I consider my "family" is my friend Andrea (and her daughter!) We've been friends since about 1992 and she would do anything for me, and vice versa! She's the best friend I could ever have asked for!! (Today is her birthday too! She caught up to me again!) Here we are dressed up for an 80's party! :)

I am making my own family now with Mike. We're not going to have children, so it's just us and our fur-family! (5 cats... like dealing with two year olds!) I've posted enough pictures of the cats, but here's one of Mike. I took this in Oregon almost 2 years ago at Multnomah Falls.

I hope some of you play along - I'd love to see your families! :)

5 Opinions:

Pretty Lady said...

Great pictures! and Mike is super cool and lucky to have you!

Sacred Suzie said...

That's a lot of sibblings! Wow, incredible and I love all the photographs. I'm glad you have such a wonderful fur family. We're planning on getting a dog in the fall, can't do the cat thing, my husband is deathly allergic. It's interesting to see how people interpret the word family. It definitely isn't just people with kids. I just have my husband and we're definitely a family.

Janet said...

I always wished I'd come from a big family! Dad was an only child, and Mom had two brothers, but only one had children, and they were estranged from him.

My parents are also much older than the parents of most of my friends that are my age; Mom was 35 when she had me!

melba said...

Love your pictures. I hope to post some of mine tomorrow. I have had limited internet connections, I hope it is working tomorrow morning.

Loved seeing your swap stuff.

Hope you had a happy heart day!!!


Shannon said...

Wow that is a lot of family!!! Thanks so much for sharing your pics and the stories!