Oh So Charming Valentine Swap Goodies!!

Posted by Tammy

WOW! I never expected such an amazing treat in the mail! I got my swap package back yesterday - perfectly timed from the Oh-So-Charming Valentine ATC Swap that I participated in. Mary Ann hosted and she made these wonderful packages oh-so-special too!!

I received these wonderful, surprise goodies!

And this AMAZING art - such lovely ATCs from other participants!! Wonderful stuff - I am so happy to own these great little pieces of art!!

Also included in the package (but separate from the swap) was a little art goody made by Mary Ann for me!! She offered it up on her blog, and she sent it to me!! :) It is an ATC holder, and it is truly lovely! The photos I took don't do it justice at all. I LOVE it!! Thank you SO much for this fun package of stuff!!

3 Opinions:

hollibobolli said...

Okay, well you knew I would be jealous of such hearty heart pinky pink cutesy cute lovey love



Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy

These are really fun, especially the little book. I'm inspired. I saw that you are hosting at CaC. That's great. I am in such a busy busy busy period of my life that i have not really visited CaC. I hope to join you guys soon.

lila said...

What fun to see all the goodies from the exchange!
I just truly love pink and red this time of year!