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Posted by Tammy

It has been a very long few days. I realized I went missing from blog-land!

My mom flew in on Thursday evening to Colorado. Her younger brother died on Tuesday of cancer. We had made her flight arrangements on Monday, hoping to get her here in time to see him, but he died too quickly. I drove to DIA in Denver to pick her up. It was a bit scary. Her plane came in at about 5:15... people started coming for their luggage, but no mom... I started getting worried. Then panicky. I tried to page her, call her cell to no avail. Finally, she arrived being pushed in a wheel chair. My mom is 72 years old and doesn't get around as well as she once did. She smartly asked for help getting to the baggage area, but they overlooked her and left her waiting for a long time.

I realized how difficult it is to get any information about air passengers. They wouldn't help me, wouldn't tell me anything, I couldn't get to the gate to help her myself... it was very frustrating! Next time she flies, I'll know what to expect. I was so glad to see her!

We made it home to Fort Collins for the night (where I live) and then we headed out the next morning to my sister's house. She lives about 3 hours from me, near my mom's family. We drove through rain and huge, crazy wind, with ominous clouds building. I dropped her off at my sister's and stayed only a short while before heading for home. I watched the storm clouds all the way home - holding on for dear life to my little car in the crazy wind.

Thankfully, no snow manifested until I was quite close to home. It was blizzard-like in Fort Collins! Yikes!! I'm happy to have made it home safely, and gotten mom delivered safely. Here are some photos I took while driving... yes, I know, probably not the best idea! I propped my camera on the wheel and just snapped. They turned out quite well if I do say so myself.

Because of the wild weather, my head has been behaving badly - I've had headaches/migraines most of the last few days. Not horrible, but bad enough that I just don't feel great. Add to that PMS, and I'm a not-so-bright, not-so-shiny, not-so-happy Tammy... blah!

I will have something much more fun and happy to share tomorrow. My dreamboard is done! Yay!!

More cloud pictures at my flickr stream.

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Suzie said...

What a nerve-wracking experience Tammy, I think you probably need a break right now. I'm glad your Mom is OK and that everyone is safe and inside!

Ruth said...

These pictures are unique and certainly original...glad you didn't get pulled over for "Driving while Creating"

Vicki said...

Hey girl, when you described seeing Mom in a wheelchair I almost passed out at the vision in my head, I so do not know what will happen when we lose Mom or Daddy. Writting this makes me want to cry, I stay in such denial about this, I always say they are so healthy for there age. I need to learn how to cope with death, which as you know, Tam is not one of my strong suits. I just stay in total denial, which is so easy when you are in another state like me and can pretend all is well in Colorado. Sorry don't mean to bring anyone down, I feel like we all waste sooo much precious time avoiding and taking for granted the time we are given here on this very small earth. I need to be more aware of life around me and appreciate those we have been blessed with in our lives, just do not know how to do that with those who are angry at me. I am tired of guilt, I hate guilt. I guess I should do a very angry collage on this instead of Tammy's blog huh? Sorry. I am also sorry I wasn't there to help you with Mom.
Love you V

Vicki said...

I LOVE this pic of you, I have never seen such peace and happiness in your face!!