Photo Thursday: Imagination

Posted by Tammy

It's Thursday and time for another of my Photo Thursday posts at Create a Connection! This has been fun for me so far - thinking up these themes, but also having to find my own photos to illustrate the theme!! I hope you'll play along. If you do, be sure to leave a comment at the CaC blog so I can see your Imagination at work!!

My imagination is always hard at work. But in really thinking about what I want, and dream for, what I want my life to look like - I keep coming back to Oregon. Mike and I have talked about moving, and I think it's becoming more clear to me that we both NEED to move. We both need to be close to the ocean. For some reason it calls to us. My first photo for imagination is one that I took at Coquille Point in April of 2005. We both fell in love with this area. It was amazing and gorgeous! I imagine us living near enough that we can visit any time we want.

Last night, I was involved in a follow-up call for a Dreamboard workshop. I missed the initial call because of a conflict, but was able to listen to it over the last week. Amazing stuff - this dreamboard idea! I've started collecting the images I want - things I imagine for my life, I dream of, I want and will manifest! I had them all laid out on the floor of my art room as I listened to the follow-up call. I burned a candle from the amazing Zena Moon called self-nurture and here are my photos from last night! I'm not going to comment about what the images mean or represent as I'm not 100% sure myself. I pulled most of these from magazines, and I just used my intuition - ones that jumped off the page at me!

(Turn on your speakers for some musical inspiration: Imagine, John Lennon)

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Sacred Suzie said...

This is a beautiful post Tammy and I hope you get all those wishes! I lived in the mountains too (although only for 3 1/2 years, not a lifetime) and as much as I LOVED it, I had to get to the water. My spirit was so parched by the time I finally made it, but I made it and you can too!

nyjlm said...

I love this Tammy- love seeing what you tore out of the magazines too.
Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about mine!

Kim said...

I loved reading your entry today and loved looking at all of your images.
Oregon sounds like such a beautiful place. I've been hearing a lot about it in the past few months. Would really love to just pack up and move there.

Have a great day!

Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,
What a lovely and satisfying post. I am such a visual person that these images read like a love letter. The candle is powerful -- I can almost smell it. I see you as someone with a large and deep imagination. I celebrate your exploration.

BlueJude said...

Cool beans! Thanks for sharing!

holli said...

This was a great visual post.. and well, you know I would be a sucka for the music... you beautiful lady.


miss*R said...

you know what I imagine? if John Lennon had not been shot that day. . . Nobel Peace prize perhaps?

ceanandjen said...

this is lovely Tammy....I hope that your board is everything that you want to be and more!!!!!

p.s. and Oregon is wonderful ;-)

Ruth said...

I am so proud of you(((Tammy))) and all your creative endeavors continue to amaze me. You are fearless girl !!!

I don't think you have met an artistic or technical challenge you were not ready and able to take on.

I love your DIP workspace (dreamboard in progress) very respectful to your dreams. Music is soothing...perfect..

I hope all your dreams come true my friend !!!