Lazy Cat!

Posted by Tammy

Lazy cat on a lazy weekend. Oscar found the perfect sunspot for a nap! I love how he's all lounged out on the base of the rocking chair. Cats know how to Nap! :)

5 Opinions:

Shannon said...

What lovely pictures of your cat! I love how comfortable and relaxed cats can be, even in the most unlikelist of places!

Janet said...

Ya just gotta love cats! They sure know how to relax and enjoy themselves. Love the photos of Oscar.

Jamie said...

Wow, he's a beauty! My grey cat also sets a great example of how to relax! I'm going to try and follow their lead!

Tammy said...

Cats have it right - the relaxed life! Oscar is a handsome boy. He's the oldest of our bunch - 9 years old! He is also the grumpiest cat. I didn't plan it, but he really is "Oscar-the-grouch". :)

LadyTulip said...

~~ OH!! ~~

This is just too cute! We had a neighbor's cat who adopted me, an' she'd lay around the house like this..kept me company!

Love these shots!!