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Posted by Tammy

It is Weds - that means Getting to Know You at Create a Connection. This month's host is Jana! Here is what she asked us to respond to:

So today, let's think of our lives as artwork, shall we? (You can be as long or short winded on these as you choose! My answers will all be long-winded, because I am just chatty that way!)

If your life were DVD, what would "The Making of _______" reveal about your life behind the scenes?

I think my behind-the-scenes would reveal a lot about me. I am a goofball - and I don't always display that out in "public"... at home, however, look out! Mike gets to see the "real me" and that girl is just a big ol' goof! We laugh and tease a lot.

I also thing behind-the-scenes we'd see my friend Andrea and I doing our girl thing. We have been friends for about 15 years, and know each other so well. We often say the same thing at the same time and crack ourselves up! Anyone watching us out in a restaurant or whatever might think we're a bit tipsy because we're just silly! (and sometimes we are, but more often we're not!)

If your life were a collage, what would be the most important images displayed?

There are a lot of images I associate with me. The first that pops into mind is one of my touch drawings. I titled it the "Real Me". It is a flower, but from a different perspective, I see it as looking down on me - twirling around in a flowing, purple skirt. This is the real me! (right)

My cats would be important images. I've had many over the last 11 years since I've lived on my own. I have lost several along the way as well. Zen cat, Melvin, Bear, Coise, Lissy - all still in my heart. And currently, Ben, Miss Girl, Henry, Luna, and Oscar reside with us!

Mike would be an important image. He's only been in my life for a little over two years, but plays an important part!

If your life were a comedy, what would be your funniest moment?

I can think of several. One of them is from eighth grade. I had one of the female leads in our 8th grade musical - Huckleberry Finn. At one point, I was supposed to kiss "Tom Sawyer" on the cheek. During one of our final dress rehearsals, I turned to do this with Phillip, the actor playing Tom... but instead of finding his cheek - he had turned his head and I kissed him right on the lips. Now - as an 8th grader, this was just mortifying. Everyone in the cast was there watching the rehearsal ... of course everyone cracked up. I never lived it down. Whenever we got to talking about past shows, that moment came up!

Another memory that always makes me laugh was when Andrea and I were roomates in Greeley. We were carrying an old mattress out to the dumpster near our apartment - across the grassy lawn. All of a sudden, Andrea just disappeared. She had stepped in a hole in the grass and fallen down. It all happened in slow motion - she disappeared, the mattress fell and I fell. We literally lay there in the grass for about a half hour just laughing like loons! I think our neighbors must have thought we were crazy!

If your life were a book, who would be listed in your cast of characters?

Mike - the boyfriend
Andrea - the best friend
Savannah - the best friend's daughter
Rod and Rebecca - the wacky friends (they'll enjoy being called wacky, I'm sure!)
The Cats - Oscar, Luna, Miss Girl, Ben, and Oscar
The Co-workers - Patricia, Laurel, Debby, Pete, Marti, Susan, Bryn, and Raquel

I'm sure there would be other characters (such as family, etc.) But these would be the mains!

3 Opinions:

Tammy said...

Loved this and that you're a closet goof! LOL

Jana B said...

What is a "touch drawing"??

The mattress story is hilarious, I can SO picture that!!!!

Thanks for participating!!!! :o)

Tammy said...

Yep! A big goof for sure!!

Touch drawing is a very cool intuitive drawing process. I added a link to the creator's site. Basically you layer paint on a board, then put paper over it and "draw" on the back of the paper... When you pull it up, you have a painting that you couldn't see until done! Then, you can go in and embellish or change as you wish. I love it!