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I left off in Austin yesterday. We spent a fun evening with Paul and then the next day we had gingerbread pancakes at our favorite place in Austin - Kerbey Lane cafe! Yummy!! We then headed to Mike's favorite spot - Hamilton Pool! It is a short hike back to this gorgeous sink hole. The place is so peaceful and feels ancient! There wasn't much water flowing in, but enough to make a fabulous sound as we sat under the overhang and enjoyed!

The weather for our whole trip was fabulous! It wasn't humid yet, but quite mild and just perfect!

Later in the day on Thursday, we met up with Mike's friend, Danny. Danny is an interesting, sort of odd fellow. He went to India in August to learn to become a Deeksha giver. Deeksha is an energy transfer that I don't totally understand, but I know it's powerful. Mike and I had our first deeksha in Austin last year. Following that trip, I didn't have a migraine for 3 months. I truly feel like the energy from the deeksha was at least partially responsible. (Read more about Deeksha here and here. If you are really interested, email me and I'll put you in touch with someone in the Austin group!)

Danny and the group of friends that also went to India had their first public deeksha session on Thursday night so we got to be a part of it. Let me tell you... first the energy of the place - Casa de Luz in Austin - what a cool complex. Just vibrates with positive energy! Then the deeksha itself. I don't normally feel energy too much... I could feel this for sure. I received deeksha transfers from 8 different givers (all of whom have been to India). From several, I could literally feel the energy moving from their hands. One lady actually caused a buzz in my head. I can't explain it, but I can say it feels so peaceful, and powerful. I'm counting days on migraines! None so far since!

Friday we spent mainly hanging out with Danny. Low-key day and then Mike and I headed back to Ft. Worth that evening. We wanted to go back to the gardens on Saturday before the wedding. Which we did - spent three hours wandering around! Then we headed to Dallas for the wedding.

It was a lovely wedding, simple ceremony followed by a low-key reception. Jeff and Sarena are wonderful people. I sure hope they do well! We are trying to talk them into coming to Colorado for a visit! Mike and Jeff have been friends for many years. Sarena and I get along quite well, so it makes for a fun group! :) (Mike and I dressed up for the wedding to the left)

And I thought I'd add some more photos! There are some fun ones in this group!

Giant? It was about a half inch tall! :)

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Sacred Suzie said...

Cute photos and comments Tammy, what fun. I have never heard of Deeksha before, I am so happy it helped you. I normally don't feel energy transfers either but I know Reiki has helped me with back pain in the past, Jamie is a very good Reiki healer.

Whatever works!

Janet said...

That Deeksha energy transfer sounds very interesting. My daughter went to a ceremony recently where they did something like that and she said it lasted for several days....she said she was giddy and giggly and just completely happy.
Loved all the photos and especially the one of you and Mike.

Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures and a sexy lady in red ;)

Tammy said...

Deeksha is a strange and cool thing... I don't really get it!

Thanks Tammy and Janet! - I appreciate all the positive comments I get (especially about photos of ME!)