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Posted by Tammy

Well, I need a vacation from vacation! Coming home is always sooo good and so much work!

We left for Texas last Saturday. We took two days driving down. The first night, we stopped in the town of Clarendon, TX. We were so tired that we HAD to stop then. And lucky for us, we found this amazing hole-in-the-wall barbeque place for dinner. YUMMY! It was fantastic. (In fact, so good that we made it a point to stop there for lunch on our way home!) Fried Green Beans - food of the gods! :)

We got into Fort Worth mid-afternoon on Sunday and spent the evening hanging out with Mike's friend Tom and his family. It was fun! Tom is a great guy - I had met him last year, so it was fun to see him again. I talk to him occasionally online as we all play World of Warcraft together!

The next day (Monday) started out fantastically! We had a great, down-home breakfast at the Ol' South Pancake House, and then headed to the Botanic Garden for a little while. This garden has quickly become one of my favorite spots on earth! It is truly amazing even when the flowers are just starting to bloom. Looking down this pathway, you can see the trellises above. They will soon be covered with wisteria vines and flowers!
But even without the flowers, it was just so pretty! And peaceful, and relaxing. Which is just what we needed before the visit with Mike's mom. We picked her up and went to lunch on Monday and spent a couple more hours visiting after lunch. She is difficult. I won't go into a lot of detail... but it was nice to have that visit early in the week and then move on to other visits!!

We spent more time in the garden on Tuesday. It was a very nice, easy day... except for one thing. Mike's gout flared again. He had to take the meds to knock it out, but they make him quite sick... we managed to go out to his favorite restaurant in Ft. Worth - Hedary's - wonderful Lebanese food in spite of the meds. Wow - talk about GOOD food!

Wednesday morning, Mike's toe was better and his stomach was starting to behave better! We visited the Nature and Science Museum (for a VERY short time because it was full of screaming children...) Mike had spent many hours there as a kid and wanted me to see it... Unfortunately, things had changed SO much. It was still fun to see it!

We also went to the Kimbell Art Museum. It is very small, but we spent a nice couple of hours looking at their art before heading for Austin. Once in Austin, we spent a pleasant evening at Mike's friend Paul's amazing house! (a bachelor with the greatest house!)

I think that's all I have time for today... I'll finish off telling you about our trip tomorrow! Part 2! :)

A few more pictures from the Botanic (and Japenese) Gardens below. You can see my whole trip stream at my Flickr stream. (I'm adding more photos tonight too! I took something on the order of 200 - many of them are of flowers and birds!)

Green Man Statuary in the Japanese Garden

Flowering Tree

A RedBud Tree starting to bloom

2 Opinions:

Janet said...

You did have a fun-filled trip! The Lebanese food sounds yummy. And the Botanical Garden is beautiful. That long walkway with the trellis is fantastic and I can imagine how it must look when the wisteria blooms. But it's always good to be back home, isn't it?

Sacred Suzie said...

Absolutely beautiful Tammy. I actually really love that time of year right before spring starts to officially bloom. You can feel the energy that's waiting to pop.

I'm looking at your photos and can't believe all the birds! Look at the pretty flowers. What an amazing trip you had!

A friend of mine just got her pendant today, hopefully yours will show up soon. My stomach is in knots, I always worry about things getting lost in the mail but hopefully you will get it just fine.