Home Sweet Home!!

Posted by Tammy

We made it home!! We drove straight through from Dallas to Fort Collins yesterday (about 16 hours of driving!) We were exhausted when we got in, but it was worth it to be home in our own space last night!

We had a great trip and I'll have Loads more to share, but just this quick note for now! I'm working on uploading photos - I took a BUNCH! It was so fun to have my digital camera and be able to just snap away!

I missed blogging over the last week. What did I miss?!? Photos and stories to follow soon!

I'm uploading now - you can check out my pics at flickr! http://flickr.com/photos/tamberstone/

5 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

I am so happy that you're home safe and sound, can't wait to hear about all your adventures Tammy!

Deb R said...

Welcome home, Tammy. Can't wait to hear more!

Janet said...

I'm glad you're back home....I missed you. I'm on my way over to flickr to see the photos.

Jamie said...

Welcome home! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I hope it was wonder-full!

BlueJude said...

WELCOME HOME T!!!! Can't wait to hear of your adventures. Your blog seemed so lonely without you! lol