Blogger Downfall... off on Vacation!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I've discovered that Blogger has a downfall that I've never worried about before. I was hoping that I could go in and write a couple of posts that would then post automatically while I'm away on vacation... but, alas, that isn't possible in Blogger. Bummer!!

Well, the news is... I'm heading out on vacation on Saturday and will be gone until Tuesday, March 6th. And there will be no blogging from me during that time. I'm going to have withdrawal, from not posting, and from no contact with all of you!!! WHAH!

Mike and I are heading to Texas again. His friend, Jeff, is getting married on March 3rd. So we're heading down the week before to see everyone. We'll visit all of Mike's friends, see more sites that we missed last year, and we'll make the obligatory visit to his mom. She is a difficult person for me, and I'm not looking forward to that part... but it is a small part!

We'll head to Fort Worth for a few days, then to Austin for a couple days... then back to Fort Worth for the wedding and then home! While in Austin - we're both very excited about this - his friend Danny has been to India since we saw him last year. He is now a certified Deeksha giver. If you read my blog last year, you'll remember that we experienced Deeksha in Austin. What a profound experience!! Following our return home, I didn't have a migraine for three months - that is HUGE! The energy and subsequent feeling of peace that we received from the Deeksha energy transfer was quite amazing.

While in Austin, the experience was quite overwhelming for me. I felt that it was almost negative, but in looking back, I've realized that it was just a huge movement of energy. It wasn't negative, but just hugely overwhelming. There was a lot of positive outcome! We had an energy transfer here in Colorado too, but it wasn't a positive experience. We're both really excited about having this in Austin. The energy of the group there, and the place itself is amazing! I wish I could explain it better.
I'm sure I'll have loads to share when we return home. I have a digital camera now - so I'll have lots of pictures too!

Bye everyone! I'll miss you!! "See" you when I get home!

*In honor of our road trip... new music... Cars by Gary Numan! (Mike will like this one!)

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nyjlm said...

I have never tried it, but can't you futuredate posts? On the bottom of the posting dialog box you can click post options.

enjoy your trip!

Suzie said...

Have a great trip Tammy, hopefully it won't be as overwhelming for you this time. Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

BlueJude said...

Have a great time, be safe and take lots of pics to share with us! We'll miss you!

Tammy said...

Have a awesome time Tammy! I have horrible migraines so please end me an email on it when you return :) Safe journey!

Jamie said...

Have a wonderful trip, Tammy! I hope it's full of joy and laughter. Safe journey!

melba said...

Have a wonderful time! Will catch up with you when you return!


Janet said...

Have a great time....enjoy your vacation and then come back and tell us all about it. I'll miss you.

Deb R said...

Have a great trip, Tammy!

PS....It's true you can't schedule posts with Blogger like you can with some other blog systems, but one thing you can do (I used to quite often with blogger!) is to write some posts ahead and save them as drafts with the date listed as whatever day you think you want them to post. Then all you have to do is get computer access for 5 minutes or so (library, internet cafe, friend's house, wherever!) and log onto your account, pull up the draft, and hit "post." Probably too late for this time, but just thought I'd mention it for the future.

hollibobolli said...

Have a great trip! I'm sorry, I laughed about the blogger thing. But did you at least write posts you can use anyway? That is totally something I would do.

I got my CARD FINALLY!!! All my mail has been so slow!!

I am in love with it - it is is sitting right here!!! Did you make it? I can't figure out if I can make it into an ornament or what to do with it, but it's going to be saved and displayed. So furry and cute!!!

Vedrana M. said...

have a wonderful time!

p.s. great song choice :)

Vicki ( Big Sis ) said...

I love this song...is this Emmy Lou, sure sounds like her???
I missed you Sis, my email was lonely and so was not going to your site...wwaahhhaa