Photo Thursday: Fun

Posted by Tammy

Today is the last Thursday in February and therefore, it is my last day guest-hosting Photo Thursdays at Create a Connection. I've had a lot of fun hosting and have so enjoyed seeing the photos of everyone who played along!!

My theme for this week is FUN! As I explained in my post at CaC - I've had a rough couple of weeks and decided this last topic needed to just be light and airy - and wide open! :)

I have lots of ideas for FUN for myself... Here goes!

This is me (on the right - back of my head with no helmet) rafting in the Poudre Canyon near our home! Mike and I went with a group from his work 2 summers ago and had SO much fun. We missed out last summer, but are already making plans to go this coming summer.

I had rafted once before this and loved it. I am scared starting out, but once we get going, I love it!! We rafted class 2 and 3 rapids - nothing huge or too scary, but WAY fun!!

The Ocean = FUN and tranquility, and inspiration, and so many things! This photo on the right is taken at Coquille Point in Oregon. This was, by far, my favorite spot on the trip Mike and I took almost 2 years ago. Can you see the seals on the rocks? I walked near them for a long time and talked to them. They talked back occassionally! The ocean is so peaceful and yet so energetic and energizing. I can't help but have fun when I'm near the ocean! I get totally charged up!!

I LOVE flowers - and arranging them is a FUN thing for me!! I haven't done nearly enough of this lately. Once summer arrives, I plan on going to the Farmer's Market way more often and buying fresh flowers for myself!!

This arrangement on the left was something I did for a friend. She commissioned me to make a centerpiece for her Thanksgiving dinner. This is what I came up with. Let me tell you how much fun I had! Not only did I get to arrange lovely flowers, I got to "carve" a pumpkin. I love that feeling - pulling the stuff out of the pumpkin! It's just too much fun!
I think my friend really liked the arrangement - I know I did! I haven't done anything like this since, but if I ever host a "fall" event, this will be the choice!

I have also arranged flowers for three weddings. A little more stressful, but still fun - and all three brides were happy!!

OK - what would a post about FUN be without a little World of Warcraft?! Mike and I spend many hours playing this game - we each have our own account now so we can play together with our respective characters. This screen shot on the left is of my "main" character - Daoinesidhe (theena-she), a level 60 Fire Mage. She can dish out the damage to those bad monsters! She is in flight in this shot - check out that full moon!! I never thought I'd be hooked on a video game, but I am, hopelessly! Mike and I both spend a lot of time playing with our WoW characters!

And Last but not Least - a little Sharpie-ness! I can't leave out my other addiction! Fun fun fun - drawing, doodling with Sharpies! Swapping ATCs made with Sharpies - you name it! I've done so many Sharpie swaps over the last year - homophones, monochromatic, masks, Masterpieces, lines, even self-portraits! I love me some Sharpies!!

And that is the end of the FUN for today. There are a million other things I can think of that I love to do for fun, but I'll have to make another post for that... this one is long enough! Let's hear what you have to say about this - leave a comment over at CaC if you play along!! :)

3 Opinions:

Janet said...

I love the flower picture with the pumpkin! Pumpkins remind me of Halloween and Halloween is FUN!

nyjlm said...

these are awesome! I'm in awe of your flower arrangement!

Star said...

You have such a talent with flowers, Tammy. Lots of fun stuff here :D