It's Wednesday which means Getting to Know You Day at Create a Connection. Jana guest-hosted this month (and I'm guest-hosting starting next week for the month of April!) Jana asked us to BE RANDOM today!! Here are her questions and my answers:

I'm eating a leftover hamburger (w/mayo, on wheat bread) and saute├ęd zucchini as I type this. What did YOU eat last?

I ate breakfast which consisted of a glass of fizzy water, two pieces of toast - one with jelly (homemade by my friend Nancy), and one with a piece of maple sausage on it. (**Edit - Jamie asked what is fizzy water? Well, I don't like to drink "still" (tap) water, so I drink a LOT of carbonated water. My favorite is Canada Dry Raspberry - nothing added but carbonation!)

I am totally head-over-heels for a very tall man named James, who has a very sexy new haircut (picked out by me, of course! lol) What about YOUR love life? Anyone special? Tell us about him/her!

Well, as some of you know, my love life is Mike! We met online believe it or not! We've been together for a little more than two years and living together for a little more than one! Mike is a great guy - very goofy, more than a little odd, and oh, so cute! :) Right now, he's trying to decide whether to move to North Carolina (and me with him, of course!)...

I live in a little house, with lots of trees, on a dead-end street. What is it like where you live?

Mike and I live in a neighborhood near a school, but don't seem to have many kids around us. We have lots of trees in our yard - which, right now, are not my favorite because they are shedding their seed pods everywhere! We have a great deck with a fountain and flower bed! It is a rental house, but we really love it! Our cats are pretty happy too (overall at least) They have lots of room to run and chase each other! And lots of windows to look out!

I love my hair, and my cute wittle nose. What are YOUR favorite features about yourself?

I love my eyes and my hands. My eyes can't make up their mind about what color to be. Some days they are green, or brown, or kind of yellow... Mike said he saw purple once, and even orange... Weird! I like my hands too. They remind me of my grandmother and my aunt's hands. Long fingers and long fingernails (not long tips, but beds)...

Today, I pondered about the need for mentoring in young women's lives. What deep thoughts have YOU been pondering upon?

Mostly, I have been pondering about this possible move across the country. Most days I'm doing fine with the idea - it will be an adventure. Monday was a hard day though - I was thinking of all the bad stuff. I'm better today!

I love cheese (cubed colby & montery jack) and green growing things! List 2 random things you love about life:

Hmmm... I love lavendar growing in my garden (OK... I love all herbs in my garden, but especially lavendar!)

I love sunsets! Especially when the moon gets involved! So pretty!

I found CAC through Melba, who I found through A Mindful Life, which I stumbled on by doing a random search for Buddhist blogs, for no apparent reason! How did YOU find out about CAC?

I wish I could remember my path to finding Create a Connection. I had definitely been reading Melba's blog for a while before she started CaC. But, I can't remember how I first got there! I am glad I did because I have "met" all of the other wonderful bloggers who are participating!!

I absolutely *heart* thunderstorms! What do YOU love most about spring?

OK - first, thunderstorms?!?!? Yikes! I am scared of thunder! But, I do love spring! I saw the first Robin of the season about a week ago - that is always fun! I love how the trees are brown one day and green the next. I love being able to not wear socks with my shoes and not totally freeze! And flowers - they are popping out all over. I noticed the cheery daffodils all over on my way to work!

Thanks for the fun and random questions Jana! I have to figure out what I want to know about everyone for next week!!!

7 Opinions:

melba said...

Wow a Move! A big decision. listen to your heart. Boy i know that is difficult to do at really hear. Either way you will be with Mike and it will work our. and the great thing about all your blogging sisters is that we go anywhere you are!

Jamie said...

I hope that absolutely the right thing for you happens with the move. I'm wishing you lots of joy and clarity!

And, um, what's fizzy water?

Lisa said...

I have some of those sometimes yellow, sometimes green eyes too. I think they are great!

That's a big move you are pondering. Take your time and the right thing will become clear to you.

Anita said...

Hi! I really enjoyed reading your answers! So you met him online, huh? So there is hope after all...

Sacred Suzie said...

I love learning more about you Tammy. I didn't know you had an herb garden! This of course doesn't surprise me at all, LOL. I get fizzy water with a little lime added to it and drink it at night when I don't want additional calories. I would never think of drinking it in the morning, how interesting!

Jana B said...

North Carolina sounds nice... probably warmer? Less snow?

The changing eye colors sound awesome!

You have LAVENDAR?!!! I love that plant! I can't wait until my basic yard work is done, I am SO planting Lavendar!!!!

Can't wait to hear your questions for next week... It's already on my calendar! "Wednesday - Answer Questions! YIPPEE!"

Tammy said...

Second try! You and Mike are a great team so go for it! I've heard great things about NC.

Good luck next month...see ya soon!