Create a Connection - Photo Thursday

Posted by Tammy

Yes, I know it is no longer Thursday... but I took these on Thursday! I'm going to share anyway!! :) It was a BUSY week, so I didn't have the chance to post these until now.

Melba hosted this week and her "assignment" was this:

Inspire me Please!

Share pictures of what you love about your living space or pictures of your home style on your blog or in flickr and leave your link in the comment section.

I have some photos to share! This first one is a little difficult to get a perspective. It is the doorway to our basement. We leave it open because our cat boxes are down there. It isn't the most pleasant view, so we bought a beaded curtain for it. And behind that hanging on an angle is a Buddha poster that Mike had. It made such a huge improvement when we added this! I really love it!

This next picture is our downstairs. We spend most of our time here - usually on the computer! Mike had this great wall hanging - it's bright and cheerful and takes up most of one wall! The cat tree was our first "big" purchase after moving here. The cats love it! They don't chase and play on it as much as we thought they would, but you can almost always find one (or more) sleeping on it. All of them do use the scratching poles!

These next two pictures are of our "formal" living room. We don't really have much furniture there, but my piano (antique upright) and my bookshelf with antique books are there. Above the bookshelf is a painting that Mike's grandmother did. It is a huge tiger. I love it! I'm glad we have it. I didn't get to meet Ima, so I'm very happy we have this painting of hers. (some of you might recognize some of the books - the first ones on the left are the Happy Hollisters. I loved them when I was a kid! There are also some Cherry Ames and Vicki Barr books.)

And last, but not least, my piano. My Aunt Charlene and Uncle Stanley gave this to me when I was about 12. No one else was interested, and they couldn't fit it into their new home. I have had it since. It has moved exactly three times since then. From my parents to my little country house. Once, across my house - it took me all day to move it a few feet (an inch at a time!) And then to our house where we are now. It WILL go with me no matter where we move! I love it! I don't play very often, partially because it needs to be tuned very badly, but I love having it! Especially now that Aunt Charlene is gone - it reminds me of her daily!

2 Opinions:

Tammy said...

That piano is gorgeous! Your kitties are so spoiled. lol

Deb R said...

Oh, that's a wonderful old piano! I'd move it everywhere if I had it too! And I love your beaded curtain over the basement door. I made a quilt to hang over ours for the same reason - so the dogs and cat can still pass through (they just push right past the edge of it) but we don't have to see ugly basement stairs all the time. Great minds! :-)

It was lovely to see pics of your house.

And I love the altered book you made for your sister! I bet she'll love it.