Photo Thursday: Vacation

Posted by Tammy

Swamgrrl is hosting Photo Thursday this month at Create a Connection! Her theme for this week is appropriately timed since I just returned from vacation!!

1) Post a photograph from a favorite vacation.
Say why you loved it or why you will love it.

You can see all of my photos from last week's venture to Texas
here. Here is one of my favorites! This is a waterfall in the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth Botanic Garden. I love this spot - it is this little spot of peace and calm in a big city. I'm still amazed that this is actually in Fort Worth! I wish we had one here!!

2) And/or locate one from a future vacation spot.

I couldn't choose just one. For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of going to Ireland. I love the Celtic myths, legends, stories, and the green hills! I know I'll make it there one day!

My next destination of choice is Italy. I dream of going to Tuscany - the little towns, vineyards, the yummy food, etc. I fell in love with the book Under the Tuscan Sun (and the follow up, Bella Tuscany) I need to spend more than just a vacation here though!!

And last, another destination I want to visit is Hawaii. I never had much desire for this until recently. Mike and I have been watching Lost - it is filmed there. SO beautiful!! I want to find a lovely, secluded beach and just take in the beauty!

2 Opinions:

Sara said...

Very nice photo of the waterfall. I love waterfalls...

Nice choices for future vacations...Ireland, Tuscany, and Hawaii...very cool!!!

swampgrrl said...

that japanese garden looks lovely.

i am SO with you on going to italy. the cute guys, the great food, the history!!