A request for my blogging friends!

Posted by Tammy

I don't talk about my family very much here on my blog. But, today, I wanted to tell you all about my sister Vicki. And to ask you a favor (only if you're interested!)

Vicki is one of my older sisters (I have four). She and I are very close and have been all my life, in spite of a 16 year age difference! I am not very close to much of my family, but Vicki and I have remained close!

Vicki has been housebound for several years now - and her illness remains undiagnosed to this point. There are many days she just can't even get out of bed because of pain. Vicki is one of the most creative, crafty, artsy people I know, but she can't even do that as much as she wants to most days.

About a year ago (before I was blogging very much) I asked one of my art groups to help me out by sending Vicki an "Art Transfusion". So many of the people in that group responded by sending cards, notes, and small packages to Vicki. It helped to lift her spirits immensely. She still mentions to me often how much that helped her.

So, now that I am blogging more, and have made so many wonderful connections with you all, I thought I might do the same thing via my blog.

Vicki needs another Art Transfusion! (the blood transfusions aren't working... maybe art will!)

If you are interested in sending something off to Vicki, let me know! I will give you her address! Consider it your good deed for the year - because that's just how much it will mean to Vic - it will carry her for another year! No pressure - only email me if you're drawn to do so - just a way to help out another, wonderful creative person out there who is hurting! We all need a little encouragement from time to time!

2 Opinions:

melba said...

This is a wonderful thing to do for your sister! Count me in! Any suggestions of stuff she likes?

Doreen G said...

I would love to help.
My e-mail address is on my blog if you could send me her address.
I do mainly fibre art if that's o.k.