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Posted by Tammy

I took these a few days ago, and finally got them uploaded! It is really and truly sunrise (yes, I was up that early!) This is looking out our front window. The colors were amazing all around in the sky!

I love my little camera too! It really takes great pictures with little effort on my part. I have lots to learn to make it do even more stuff, but so far, I'm quite amazed - the color stays true, and the photos are even in focus!! Here are a couple more:

Yesterday, the weather here was just perfect - low 60's and sunny. We opened up the sliding glass door for a while to get some of the fresh air in the house. It was so great - the cats were just amazed!! They all lined up to get some sniffs in!! I caught the lineup (You can see that Miss Girl was the hold-out - she just doesn't like the others, so getting in that close wasn't gonna happen!)

And since I'm on a cat theme - I have some great ones of Oscar to share!! He loves to sit with his head and front paws between the railing in the kitchen looking down on Mike and in the downstairs at our computers. I caught a few shots of him. In the first one - he is talking back to me as I tell him NOT to jump (which I know he does when we're not home!)

And last but not least, more of Oscar - he is sitting on my lap with his front paws on my computer table while I play World of Warcraft. He was apparently quite interested in what I was doing, because it looked like all the world that he was playing with me! :) Pretty cute!

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Sacred Suzie said...

What adorable cats! Amazing outdoor photos of the sky too Tammy, I just love them.

I was wondering if your pendants had showed up yet? I'm starting to get worried. Everyone else has theirs but yours went the farthest so...

hollibobolli said...

Those are all great pictures - I love the cats with the video games. I used to game alot - and some of them drove Nate NUTS!! To the point I had to turn the sound down or he would spin and bark at the air. sigh. Those were the days!!

Shannon said...

Cats & WoW - boy, can I relate. My cat often sits in my lap while I play, which is fine unless he tries to 'help', hehe. Your cat definately looks like a prowler... a rogue for sure. :)

Tammy said...

Aren't they all cute kitties?! :) Oscar always wants on my lap at the wrong moment in my game! He tends to hit the space bar often which makes my character jump all over the screen. And it interrupts what I'm casting! Sheesh!

I can totally see Nate jumping and going crazy! He's a cutie!

Oscar is a great big ol' grump. He tends to stalk Mike and I... and then want pets!! A rogue - good way to describe my grumpy boy!

Jana B said...

OMW I Love Oscar!!!!!!! It looks like he's pouting in the second pic, because you told him he couldn't jump!!!

Also, I am drooling over the WOW game... Do you realize that I'm trying to stick to a budget? Do you realize what seeing that game on your screen, time after time, is doing to me?!!!!!

*dramatic sigh* I think I'm going to have to see my therapist now. (aka Ebay!!!!!!!!!! hahaha)

Tammy said...

Sorry Jana! I don't mean to make you drool! WoW is an addiction for both Mike and I... but really, it has turned out to be cheap entertainment! We'd rather play together than go out most of the time!

Isn't Oscar so cute!? He's a good boy even if he's grumpy!