Self Portrait Challenge - Online Tools #2

Posted by Tammy

This week I chose to use the Face Transformer online tool for my self portrait! I uploaded the recent picture of me - taken in Texas at the wedding we attended.

After trying out most of the options in the transformer program, I chose two that I actually really liked! (many of the options were just SCARY!) The first one is in the style of the artist Modigliani.

The next artistic rendering that I like is in the style of the artist Boticelli.

And for reference, here is the original picture that I had transformed. It was fun seeing what I might have looked like if one of these masters had painted me! :)

6 Opinions:

Vedrana M. said...

very interesting, i like it that you put differnet versions , great :)

Tammy said...

How cool Tammy! I want to try this if I can figure it out :) Thanks for sharing all three. Nice job!

AMANDA said...

Very cool. It turned out really neat~

Tammy said...

Thanks guys! I had fun playing with the transformer! I'd never tried it out before - fun excuse to do so!!

BlueJude said...

Way cool! I had so much trouble getting into this cahllenge. Don't know why. I like these though.

nyjlm said...

what a neat tool!

I forget where I saw this tutorial- Inspire me Thurs maybe?- Carla Sonheim has a tutorial on making a Modigliani portrait on flickr