Jana is hosting Getting to Know You Wednesdays over at Create a Connection. Here are her questions for this week:

List your favorite(s):

Flower to look at: I love flowers - to pick just one is hard. But, I guess I'd have to say daffodils because when you start seeing them, spring is near!! They are so cheerful and brave to be the first flowers out and blooming!

Feature of your favorite animal: Kitty purring. I love cats - always wanted them when I was younger, but my dad wouldn't let me. Since being on my own, I've gone a bit cat crazy. There is nothing better than hearing a contented purr from a fuzzy one!

Item in your kitchen: Hmmm... I love to cook. My favorite thing is counter space, something I DON'T have right now. That's one thing I'd change about our house if I could!

Item of comfy clothing: (or outfit, if you feel the need!) LOVE my sweats. I change when I get home from work into sweats and a big comfy shirt. I also have this really ugly cardigan that I love! It's warm and fuzzy!

Thing to recieve through the mail: Anything (other than bills)! I love mail! It's always fun to receive swap packages!

Color on your favorite animal: I love orange kitties. (funny - I don't have any orange ones at the moment!) And I love grey cats too. Oscar is my grey boy!

Food to cook: (be forwarned, we may be asking you for the recipe if it sounds good! lol) I love to cook! I have lots of favorites to cook. Chicken enchiladas - yum! Vietnamese spring rolls (haven't made them in forever since Mike doesn't like them though...) Chili, tater tot casserole, you name it!

Ringtone style: I don't have a cell phone anymore... and I never had a cool one that gave me options for ringtones!

Wild animal (or fantasy creature, if you're so inclined): I think giraffes are cool... does that count as a wild animal?

Outfit to dress a little girl in: Well, I don't have a little girl, but if I did - I'd dress her like Holli dresses Faith... all tutus all the time! :) So Cute!

Thing to do with snow: This year - I have no favorites surrounding snow! We've had entirely too much of it. I do typically love watching snow fall. It is so pretty and peaceful. And walking while the snow is falling is nice. It is always so quiet.

Weather: I love rainy, grey days. (something we don't get much of here in Colorado) I am scared of thunder though - so NO thunder allowed!

5 Opinions:

melba said...

I loved reading your answers.
and your SPC in the post below is so cool! What a great tool.

Jana B said...

I had a hard time choosing just one flower too, don't feel bad!

I love cats... We had outdoor ones when my parents were married, then when my parents got divorced we replaced my dad with a cute stub-tailed orange kitty, and I've had inside cats ever since!

I have an ugly/stained hoodie that I love... it is also warm and fuzzy!!!! I forgot to add that to my list!

Chicken Enchiladas??? Vietnamese spring rolls? WOW!!!!!! Feel like sharing your secret recipes with us?

Giraffes ARE wild animals, I think!!!!

I don't like grey rainy days. Would you like to trade? I'll take ALL of your thunder, and you can have my grey days?

hollibobolli said...

awwww - thank you. There is a particular member of our family who actually has given me grief about too many tutus. PFTZ!!!

How can Mike not like Vietnamese spring rolls??? What is wrong with him?? What's not to love, Mike? C'MON!!!

Well - I have no cell phone either... and no camera... and no glasses.

I'm starving now.

p.s. - I'm wearing the most bee-utt ugly cardigan/sweatshirt right now... but I love it.

Tammy said...

I might just have to have a recipe post soon! My chicken enchiladas are really yummy! Mike is a dork - he doesn't like most vietnamese food because there is fish sauce in it. He swears he can taste the fish... I think he's crazy!

Holli- I really think there cannot be too many tutus!! Faith looks totally adorable!! Your family member should get a sense of humor! (and style!!) :)

gkgirl said...

these are great answers...
and i hate thunder.