Photo Thursday - My Home

Posted by Tammy

SwampGrrl, the guest host for Photo Thursdays this month at Create a Connection had a short, but sweet assignment for us today.

"It is possible that some of us will never get to drop over to each other's houses for a cup of tea or coffee. We see each other in cyberspace where the window dressing gets to be whatever our imagination or technical know-how can create.

So here's a different way to connect beyond the screen.

Get your camera. Walk out your front door. Snap a photo to the left. Snap a photo to the right. Include something that may have begun to sprout or something that may any day now come to life..........."

Well, I did just this! I took a few shots right in and around my home to show you all! This first one is inside looking towards our front window. It is Henry sitting between the blinds and the window! A favorite kitty spot...

Next I took some shots of my yard. In the front lawn, I have a flag stand. I switch it out with the seasons. I just put out my kitty flag - not seasonal, but bright and cheerful!

And out back, I found several things... My garden buddha hanging out in my garden. There is a tiny bit of green starting to peek through. In front of him, there is my rosemary plant from last year. I sure hope it comes back this spring!

Then I found another little bit of green... I don't know what it is! But it is green and it looks healthy! We'll see in another few weeks what the plant is... probably a weed, but right now, even that is a good thing!!

And last but not least... here are my painted rocks. My friend Nancy and I went crazy awhile back (when I still lived out in her little rental house) and we painted rocks for our gardens. Here are mine. They are a bit faded, but still fun!

I have a few more shots over at Flickr if you want to see more of my home! :)

7 Opinions:

Janet said...

Love your Buddha! and the green...heck, we're supposed to be 6-10 inches of SNOW tomorrow...UGH!

nyjlm said...

Love the kitty silhouette!

BlueJude said...

Great shot of Henry and I like the kitty flag too! I wanted to do this today but now it's snowing!!

swampgrrl said...

great shots, grrl. i love the kitty spot. can my herd come over?

nici said...

Great pics; all I would be able to show is the snow that got dumped on us yesterday! Argggh!

Sacred Suzie said...

That Buddha is truly special and your world is decorated with such creative spirit!

Tammy, if you haven't got the pendants by next week I'll refund your money. This is crazy, it's taking way too long so I fear they may be lost in the postal void. Let me know and if you don't have them, I'll pay you back the money, no problem.

Jessie said...

these photos definately say "home" to me. now if we could all just come over for coffee for real! :) oh, that would be fun. i love your buddha, btw. buddha statues always make me feel peaceful.