Spring Fever!

Posted by Tammy

Our cats apparently have spring fever... they are acting very weird today!! :) I caught some fun, cat photos! Oscar has been in the midst of most of the fun today. He LOVES grocery sacks and Mike so graciously left this on the floor for him to play in! The other cats all had to investigate of course!

And last... Just because it is so funny, and very odd. This photo from our neighborhood... Have you ever seen anything quite this ridiculous??

More cat photo fun on my flickr page!

4 Opinions:

Shannon said...

Great pics Tammy!!! omg.. I can almost hear your cat saying "My bag!!!" Thanks for sharing :)

~jolene said...

Smart cat's shopping at Whole Foods! I love that store!

Oh, and the limo...those are the norm around here. They really tick me off when they are taking up twelve spaces at the grocery store! The worst though are the Hummer Limo's that barely make it down our tiny streets in the village!!! I swear they look bigger than our cottage! :)

BlueJude said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Sacred Suzie said...

What cuties! Spring must be in the air and getting the cats all energetic and playful.

OK, that vehicle is ridiculous.