Yay!! I received my lovely package from Holly for the Create a Connection Journal Swap on Friday!!

What a fantastic journal! Holly picked out the perfect paper for me - thick enough that I can "sharpie-ize" without it bleeding through. THEN - she altered it for me!! She added great colors (my favorites - purple and green), quotes, great fibers down the spine. SO fun!! (The quote on the front says: "The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend." Henry David Thoreau.)
Holly even decorated the envelope - what a FUN package to receive in the mail! Here is a portion of the fabulous envelope! Holly also wrote a fantastic note inside the journal. She said, "... the pages are thick so you'll be able to draw and doodle with gusto. Be true to your creative endeavors, never stop having fun." Great words of advice, Holly!! THANK YOU!!

And for Photo Thursday (on Monday - late again!!) DebR asked us to do this:

"I want you to channel your inner magpie. (Even if you don't think you have one, try anyway!) Pretend for just a moment that you were suddenly, magically transformed into a magpie and have to go build a new nest. Look around you right now, in whatever room you're sitting in to read this post. What's the first shiny, colorful, and/or flashy thing that catches your eye and that you think your inner magpie would want for her nest?"

Now - my journal just lit up my inner magpie!! There was so much there that caught my eye for my "nest" so-to-speak!

4 Opinions:

hollibobolli said...

I love your inner magpie. I want to come hang out in your nest while I don't feel good. It's so bright and colorful in there!!

I love the journal. It's beautiful!!

Karen Beth said...

What a beautiful journal! I love the altered cover and the beautiful feathery spine! Isn't swap mail fun? :)

holly said...

Glad the journal appeals to your inner magpie too!!! I've never decorated the spine of a book before, but it just didn't look right until I put all the fluffy and shiny ribbons and lace on it. I knew those nice thick pages were perfect for your sharpies!!!

Deb R said...

Oh yeah, the stuff in that photo would make a magpie's heart sing! Lovely, Tammy! :-)