Virtual Tea Party Time!!

Posted by Tammy

Mary Ann is hosting today's Tea Time - for the you're my cuppa tea party - it is Tea time at my house!!

I fixed up a little tea party for one! We're having a cupcake party at my house! I found matching flowers and cupcakes - so I HAD to have them!! I have a fabulous Cupcake mug too.

In my swapping at Create a Connection, I received the fabulous MUG pictured. It is from Holli, and it says "Shine on You Crazy Cupcake" I LOVE it! :)

It is filled with lovely, fragrant orange spice tea from our local cajun restaurant, Luciles. It is MY favorite tea in the world!! I think I'll have it iced later on!

The cute little bunny is from another member of the tea party, Jennifer! So cute! I love it! :)

Check out the amazing photos from the other tea party participants - some beautiful and amazing tea parties happening around the globe today!

3 Opinions:

firstborn said...

oh tammy!

i love this & i'm so glad that you got a little extra specialness sent your way courtesy of jennifer!

thank you for helping to make our party + swap a smashing success & most of all, thank you for your kind & generous friendship.

i am blessed to have such wonderful friends such as you!

love & hugs, mary ann xoxo

Tammy said...

My blogging has been inconsistant with getting house ready to sell.

Loved your GTKY this week and this post made me want a bite sooo bad!


Jamie said...

Fantastic! I love the idea of a cupcake tea party. I just might have to join you :) Cupcakes always come complete with big smiles!