Create a Connection - Photo Thursday

Posted by Tammy

Yep - It's Monday... I missed Thursday altogether! It was such a BUSY week last week, that I just missed it! Then I wasn't feeling well over the weekend, so I kind of missed that too!

But here I am, Monday morning, with my photo for Deb's guest-host Photo Thursday at Create a Connection for last week. Her prompt was this:

"Show everyone a photo of something other than a spring-blooming flower that makes you think of Spring."

Well, I guess I'm cheating a bit because my photo is of a brand new green plant, BUT that isn't what I'm showcasing here.

SNOW!! It snowed here, most of the day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - very light and it all melted, but snow none-the-less! I saw it kind of piling up on this happy plant and had to go out and take a picture! (You can see it larger over at flickr - it's really pretty!)

I also caught our gorgeous forsythia bush with snow falling all around. So pretty!! I love spring snows - they are really pretty and don't last long! And as blogger seems to be being stubborn, here is the link to it at flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/tamberstone/452617724/

4 Opinions:

Deb R said...

We had snow this past weekend too. Didn't stick around long, but it was coming down heavy for a while Friday night - crazy!

Thanks for playing, Tammy! :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

What is such a bummer Tammy! I hope the snow is gone very soon and spring finds you all over again.

I didn't see the flower picture, am I missing something?

Tammy said...

Yes Suzie - you were missing something, blogger freaked and my photos disappeared!! I hope it is here now! I could only get one of them up though! I'll edit again later too. :)

The snow is gone! It was sunny and 60s today! Such is Colorado Weather!

holly said...

I'm your partner for the Create a Connection journal swap. Would you please send me your snail mail addy and tell me if you have any special preferences for colours and/or themes. I aim to please.
Hugs to you!
amazingwoman1 at gmail.com