Self Portrait Challenge - Tired Eye

Posted by Tammy

This is my left eye. Today, it appears to have decided to be green... it changes - depending on my mood, what color I'm wearing, ... the weather?! I don't know why my eyes change, but they do! They are usually somewhere between brown and green... but they have been yellow, orange, and Mike says he's seen purple! Never blue. My eyes love color - maybe that's why they change all the time.

My eye looks tired today. I am. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It is grey, cold, rainy here in Colorado today - a good day to stay home and curl up with a cat and a good book... I love this weather!

My eyebrows are a bit wild! They are thick and very dark brown - darker than my hair. I don't pluck or trim (much - the occasional tweazing happens!) I even have freckles on my eyelids - I should so have red hair!

I'm starting to get a few laugh lines forming around my eyes... but they are from smiling and laughs, so I don't mind!

I have worn glasses or contacts since I was in the fifth grade. I can't see without them. My eyes don't work farther than the end of my nose without aid!

I like my eyes. Even when they look tired!

2 Opinions:

Melba said...

Maggie kind of has eyes like yours...kind of brown but some green and other colors beneath.

Tammy said...

I love that they change...cool! Beautiful eyes. xxoo