Create a Connection - Photo Thursday

Posted by Tammy

Wow - it's actually Thursday! Lately, I've been doing Photo Thursday on Monday, or Wednesday! (Or not at all... I've missed a couple that I wanted to do and just didn't get done!)

This week we have a new guest-host for Photo Thursday over at Create a Connection. Ninotchka (from Cease Cows, Life is Short) is the May host! She asked us for this:

"Since almost half the year is gone (omg, omg, omg), I thought it would be fun for us to post our favorite pictures of the year thus far."

Because Mike gave me a digital camera for Christmas, I have TONS of photos from this year. Picking just ONE favorite was impossible, so here are several favorites!

This first one was from January. I love it because you can see my feet and Mike's in the reflection.

These next two are from our trip to Texas in March. I took SOOO many photos on this trip - it was fun to be able to just snap away! Picking only a couple is tough! This first one is just so peaceful. It is a fountain in the Botanic Garden in Fort Worth - the Japanese Garden.

I included this one because it totally makes me laugh! The sign and the flower don't seem to match!

And last, but not least, a favorite from my "yard" pictures recently. I LOVE this dandelion photo! It makes me happy - it's so cheerful. I think dandelions are the friendliest flower (weed?) They love everyone's yards! :)

5 Opinions:

Jill said...

I love dandelions! I haven't seen one in so long. I LOVE, LOVE the first photo ... so Harry Potter-ish! Reminds me of a scene straight outtah "Prisoner of Azkaban."

Janet said...

I'm with you, people should leave dandelions in their lawn...little cheery rays of sunshine, they are!

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful photos Tammy, I remember them well.

Our place here is so covered with dandelions we hardly have any grass, that isn't good. I do love them though but man, they're aggressive!

holly said...

I love dandelions too. I took a picture this morning of a field full of dandelions. My son will go an collect bunches of them for me.

lisa said...

Oh, I love dandelions too! I have two in my mosaic of favorite photos. I couldn't limit it to just a few.