Monday memes and a journal page...

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I finished this up this weekend - it is the first page in my new, shiny journal from Holly in the Create a Connection Journal swap. I don't journal on a regular basis, but Holly was kind enough to send me a journal that had heavy pages - I can sharpie-ize without bleed through!! Yay!

It is mostly doodles, with some words - things on my mind - written in.

You can see it in a larger format over at flickr.

I have also been tagged (TWICE) to do a meme - Jolene got me first, followed closely by Lauri! So, for both of you, here are my answers for the meme:

List seven random facts or habits about yourself. Then I'm supposed to tag, but I'm going to cheat... I'm tagging ALL of you - anyone who wants to be tagged, do the meme, tell me you did it and consider yourself tagged! (Why did I have a song from Oliver pop into my head just then? "Consider yourself...")

Random facts about me (I may have already told you all of these, but I can't remember, so hopefully, neither can you!):

1. I have migraines (not a big secret there) and I have several food triggers. I don't eat anything citrus, anything with peanuts, aged cheeses, or red wine. I hate giving up these things, but not having a headache caused by them is worth it! I miss orange juice and peanut butter!

2. I am terrified of thunder! I know, I know - it's the lightning that can hurt me, but I HATE thunder. I am better now than I used to be - I used to hide when it thundered - now I just cringe and whimper!

3. I have 7 siblings, all of them are married. All of them have children - a total of 13 children among them, my nieces and nephews. Some of them have kids - a total of 7, plus one more on the way. When all of us including our parents (and Mike and I) get together - it totals 41.5 people. YIKES! No cousins, aunts, uncles - just my siblings and their families! We haven't all been together in many years though - not since all of the additional children started coming along!

4. If I ever write a book, my pen name will be Mimms Tamdale. I like my last name very much - Mimms. My first name is Tammy, middle Dale = Tamdale. My boss/friend Laurel came up with this name!

5. I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I grew up in Windsor, Colorado. I lived for one year with my best friend, Andrea, in Greeley, CO. I've lived in Fort Collins, CO since 1996. If Mike and I do move to North Carolina, it will be the first time to live somewhere other than northern CO.

6. I have had a lot of cats since I moved out on my own. Coise (KO-SHE) was my first - he was my sister's cat initially. He had mitten paws - extra toes - Coise means TOE in Gaelic. I had to have him euthanized. I also have had to euthanize Lissy and Bear. Zen and Melvin both disappeared. Zen was indoor/outdoor - and a very cool cat! Melvin was a stray that attached himself to me for a couple years. I currently share space with Oscar, Henry, Luna, Ben, and Miss Girl.

7. I do not plan to have kids. I love babies - but I like to be able to hand them back to mom when they poop or scream. Cats are hard enough for me to deal with!

There you have it! Randomness about the random queen! :)

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~jolene said...

You da best.
I wuv ya.
Thanks for playing along :)

Jone said...

I am going to send you something. You are the person I get to send to. Please email me your address.

Jone said...

I played the meme:http://deowriter.blogspot.com/2007/05/seven-random-things-habits-about-me.html

BlueJude said...

LOVE the journal page!!

LadyTulip said...

Whatta journal page!! Really like the flow of it...very cool

And I'm sad to say 3 of my sharpies have all run dry...

Glad ya played with meme today!! Fun!!


Vedrana M. said...

beautiful first page!