Self Portrait Challenge - Coopersmiths

Posted by Tammy

Mike took this one of me. I was laughing in the shot because it felt a little strange to have him shooting photos of me with other people all around. I don't know why! I have two versions - the color and the B&W. I think I like the color-less one best. What do you think?

We are in front of one of our favorite restaurants in town -
Coopersmiths. Great food and great brew!

For Self Portrait Challenge - Street Photography. (check out flickr to see the photos in more detail.)

3 Opinions:

hollibobolli said...

I like the color version.. all the green speckled along the path draws my eye further and further into the shot.

Cool perspective!!

~jolene said...

I like the black & white...feels timeless...

Vedrana M. said...

cool photo, i like color one but both are great!