HAPPY Friday!

Posted by Tammy

Wow!! I just had a surprise! Mike showed up outside my office window (got me all discombobulated while I was on the phone!) He just got into town from his business trip, and he stopped by and brought me flowers!! WOW! :) What a pleasant surprise for a Friday afternoon! Yay!

I'll have to go home and arrange them in a nice vase! So pretty! :) Love the little wax flower fillers too.

I also got my hair cut last night, and I'm loving it! I needed a shorter "do" for summer - my hair was getting long, heavy, and too hot! I don't have a before shot... but it is much shorter, and flippier! :) Fun fun! Way to start a weekend, huh? Hope you all have a great one!

5 Opinions:

Melba said...

What a great surprise! He sounds like such a sweetie. You look so cute in your new do!

BellaKarma said...

Your hair looks great!
...and YAY for the flowers! :)

Jana B said...

Awwwww... he brought you flowers!!!! That is so so so so cute!!!

LOVE the "flipier" do!!! Very cute, and very "you"! :o)

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful! your hair cut looks great and flowers are beautiful

caroline said...

Hey Tammy,
That's such a flattering cut. Lucky woman to have a man who shows up with flowers!