Getting to Know You Wednesday

Posted by Tammy

Paintergirl is hosting Getting to Know You day over at Create a Connection this month. Her questions have been fun so far!! Here is what she wants to know today:

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you be? You'd be able to do what you love and make money. Your spouse, children, significant other, pets all would be able to come with you

Even though I have never visited Italy, it is the place that sticks in my head as where I want to be. This is partially because of Frances Mayes' books - Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany. I was (and still am) enchanted by her tales of learning to live and making a place for themselves in a foreign place.

The descriptions of the lifestyle, the pace, the wonderful people, the history, art, landscapes, etc... all appeal to my artistic and creative side! I want to grow olives to make my own olive oil. To be able to walk to my garden and clip fresh herbs to toss with pasta for dinner. To amble into town for the local market, picking up fresh ingredients every day for dinner. (to amble anywhere sounds good!)

To drive only a few miles to reach an incredibly historic site. To drive only a few more miles to reach the sea!

Learning a new language, a new way of being. Ah, I'm talking myself into packing up and moving to Tuscany instead of North Carolina. Now, if only Mike had a job offer there instead!! Some day, I may be that expatriate writer/artist (writer?!) living in Tuscany! Watch for my cookbook in stores near you! (the pen name will be Mimms Tamdale!)

4 Opinions:

paintergirl said...

Oh yeah Tuscany-I could move there too. Perfect!

Jana B said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Italy.... dark men... pasta.... *happy sigh*

Can I hide in your luggage as you go?

Vedrana M. said...

wow, sounds wonderful..i really enjoyed reading your answer :)

LadyTulip said...

~~ Just reading your response made me want to pack it all in and flee to Italy!! ~~ Wanna go??!!

Have a Good Weekend!!