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News flash: Tammy makes new art! No, really! I did!! :) I've been so uncreative about art lately (other than photos) and a deadline was the only thing that pushed me to do it!

I joined several Sharpie ATC swaps and the deadlines are upon me!! I mailed the first set of cards off yesterday! Before the deadline even! These were for the easiest swap - an open theme - basically whatever you want as long as it uses some Sharpie! These were fun, as always! Doodling is my favorite!

Dark Lines Pastel Lines
Wave Forms Circling Circles

Next up, a passport themed swap (due to be mailed on the 15th! Yikes!) I have all my supplies, but haven't started the cards. I HAVE to get them done tonight!! Nothing like a little pressure to motivate me! Hopefully I'll have some more art to share soon - as in before the deadline!

We have friends coming to stay with us tonight through Sunday. Mike's friend Jeff, and his wife Sarena will be visiting from Dallas, TX. They are the friends who got married in March and we went to Texas for their wedding!

I think we'll have a fun time! Mike has taken today-Friday off from work. I was only able to take tomorrow off because of work conflicts. We'll be heading up into the mountains near our home to show them the sights! I'll take pictures and have them to share soon! I may be absent until next week though since we'll have visitors!! See you all soon!! (I'll be back later with the Getting to Know You questions for this week... I think!)

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BlueJude said...

I absolutely LOVE these!!It's amazing that you did them with sharpies. They look great!