Reconnecting with Old Friends!

Posted by Tammy

Sunday was a fun day for me. I was able to reconnect with two high school friends! I hadn't seen either of them in about five years!

I haven't been at all good about keeping in touch with old friends. It's difficult when your lives go in totally different directions. There are no good excuses because email is so easy, but you know, it just doesn't happen.

My friends Nicole and Kim have been friends since I was a kid! Nicole and I have been friends since starting kindergarten way back in 1980 or so! Kim moved to Windsor when we were in Middle School (or there about anyway... can't remember for sure Kim!)

Kim and Nicole each got married 10 years ago and each of them now has a son! Kim's son August is going on three. Nicole's son Xander is six. I got to meet each of them briefly and I also got to see Nicole's husband, Chad, who is also a classmate.

I wish I had pictures - I totally blanked on my camera - had it with me, but didn't think of it! Duh! I picked Kim up in Windsor and we met Nicole for lunch at Coopersmith's in Fort Collins. It was SO fun catching up with them, and reminiscing about school days!

Kim lives in NY and is now mainly a stay at home Mom. She is writing a food blog for Woman's Day magazine though - it is really fun! :) (I'm a recipe buff, so it was fun to see Kim's new blog - lots of ideas!) Nicole lives closer - in Colorado Springs. She and Chad are both working on degrees and working hard raising Xander!

I hope we can keep in touch now that we've reconnected!! I didn't go to our 10th reunion... maybe I'll go to the twentieth! (2013... seems a long way off, but it isn't that far away!) I graduated in a small class - only 92 students. I haven't kept in touch with many of my classmates. Reconnecting is a good thing though!!

(edit: Thanks Shannon!! She tipped me off on how to get a title placed when Blogger is being stubborn... oddly enough - it was being stubborn and not letting her leave a comment either! Sheesh!! Anyway - thanks Shannon!)

2 Opinions:

Nicole said...

It was so fun to see you, we will definitely keep in touch...oh, and YOU ARE going to the reunion :)...even if I have to drag you. None of us went, either!

Shannon said...

I'm glad it worked Tammy!!